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Gloomhaven for under $90 is one of the finest board game investments you can make

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The breadth and quality of board games has exploded in the last few decades, and their price has risen to match. Typically, picking up huge new games like Gloomhaven would be squarely out of impulse buy territory, but one of the best Black Friday board game deals out there has you covered. Right now you can buy Gloomhaven for $86.50 at Amazon, a saving of more than $50 off of its standard price of $140.

Gloomhaven is one of our picks for the best board games overall, and you know the one big mark we give against it? It's too expensive. But with this deal bringing the price comfortably beneath $100, that reservation melts away, and you're free to enjoy one of the finest board games to arrive in recent memory. What makes it so good? Well, how long do you have?

Gloomhaven is inspired in equal parts by the tactical combat and exploration of games like D&D and the sprawling stories made possible by Legacy-style board games. You and your friends will start off as a party pulled from a small selection of dungeon-delving heroes, and as you play you'll unlock more heroes, more missions, more decisions, and the central town of Gloomhaven itself will grow. There are enough missions that this game alone could easily keep a reasonably dedicated gaming group busy for the better part of a year.

Gloomhaven board game | $86.50 at Amazon (was $140)
The perfect starter for a new board gaming group or meaty new project for an existing one, grabbing Gloomhaven for this cheap is an easy choice with all that holiday togetherness at hand.View Deal

Also, the combat is done with this really clever card mechanic that lets you pick which cards you want to play and then later which abilities you want to use from them, and whether you want to sacrifice cards to avoid damage, and… well, I could go on, but for this price you might as well just see for yourself.

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