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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier class guide


The Rifleman is the front line class of Ghost Recon. With the ability to absorb damage thanks to a class perk, the Rifleman is meant to be up in the action taking out enemies and capturing objectives. With a large assortment of rifles and machine guns and a hefty compliment of lethal grenades you will never be at a shortage of ways to eliminate your enemies. If you’re looking for a class that can lay down some heavy fire, you have found it. By making use of intel provided by allies you can get deep into enemy lines and take them out while your allies secure objectives and move across the map. Just remember that this isn't your typical shooter. Running straight into enemy bullets will still lead to a quick death, even with the bonus damage resistance. You will want to make good use of cover and intelligence to really make yourself useful.

Class Weapons

With an emphasis on assault rifles and light machineguns the Rifleman is designed to drop your enemies quickly at short to middle ranges. The assault rifles are for the mobile fighter who enjoys being on the move as much as being behind cover. They tend to have smaller clips but offer better control and accuracy at range.

The light machine guns are quite the opposite. Big, full of ammo and able to drop enemies in a second, they can offer an unprecedented amount of covering fire for allies as they try to capture objectives. They do suffer for their size and tend to be much heavier and harder to control the longer they are fired. All the guns available to the Rifleman can be heavily modified allowing you to fine tune any weapon so that it becomes your ideal killing device.


With a nice mix of grenades, the Rifleman can equip himself for various situations. The frag grenade is a classic of any shooter and functions the same here. Give it a toss behind cover and watch as your enemies scramble to get away. The smoke grenade is ideal way to cover your advance, hide you as you claim an objective, or for annoying adversaries by tossing it where they are holed up. EMP grenades are more suited for the Rifleman who likes getting close to his enemies. By tossing this into a group of foes you will shut down their HUD's and cause general confusion that you can take advantage of. The Incendiary grenade is unique to the Rifleman and offers up a painful way to bring down opponents. Toss it at someone’s feet and you will quickly light them up and bring them down. Alternatively you can toss it behind cover to prevent people from using it, or down hallways where you see people about to walk through. It's handy in a number of situations and helps make the Rifleman stand out from the crowd.


Equipment isn't the name of the game for the Riflemen. With access to the standard Camera and Med Kit you can offer up some minor assistance to allies, or yourself, but won’t accomplish much else. The only unique piece you will gain access to is the Ammo Box. The name says it all as it offers a large box that you can deploy so allies can stock up on ammo and grenades. Ideally this is used when protecting objectives so your allies never run out of fire power. The Rifleman is a soldier who is light on his feet, and with very limited equipment access the game encourages you to take advantage of the intel you receive from other classes, rather than making your own.