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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier class guide


The Scout is the sniper of Ghost Recon and fits the title of the game quite well. With the ability to cloak yourself, as a Scout you can become a ghost and take down your targets before they have a clue where you are. The Scout is largely designed to be in the back lines of battle supporting your team with well placed shots and calling out targets. In a strange twist, the developer has also allowed Scouts access to a couple submachine guns which can completely alter how you play. With a SMG your main goal is now to get up close to sneak through enemy lines, becoming a stealthy assassin. Regardless of how you decide to play, the Scout class comes down to patience, careful planning, and becoming best friends with your gun.

Class Weapons

Sniper Rifles are the big draw here. The class was designed to sit back, cloak and pick off enemies. There are a few options to choose from and whether you favor gun is a high-power rifle to drop enemies in one swift blow, or if you prefer fast firing ones to bring down multiple targets quickly, the game has you covered. Modifications can also change a rifle quite a bit and you should make sure to test out various configurations until you find one that suits you and your play style.

As mentioned before, there are also submachine guns at your disposal. It may seem odd for a Scout but it does offer a totally different play style than that of the sniper rifle. The SMG's allow for a more run-and-gun tactic and will bring you closer to the fight. Getting up close leaves you vulnerable and exposed to the enemy, so the ability to cloak is invaluable. Disappearing from sight while closing in on an encamped soldier, or an objective, is incredibly useful and can greatly help your team. Remember SMG's are only truly effective at short ranges. Anything other than close quarters combat will prove difficult even with the best SMG.


Since the Scout will often be in the back reaches of the map, grenades will not be a commonly used item. As such you only have access to three types of grenades and all are non-lethal. Flashbangs are great for the Scout who wants to run around with a SMG. A blind enemy is a dead enemy. Smoke grenades are multipurpose and useful in varying roles. Smoke grenades can be used to obscure an objective as you capture it, or put up a smokescreen to conceal your movements when going from cover to cover. Finally the EMP grenade is ideal for shutting down electronics temporarily. This also means HUD's of players caught in the blast will shut down leaving them at a severe disadvantage during fire fights.


Scouts come equipped with the unique ability to lay claymores down around the map. The standard claymore will simply kill anyone in its blast radius. Laying them near objectives or along well traveled paths will often lead to easy kills. The Stun Claymore is the evolution of the standard lethal one. Providing a larger stun blast, it will drop any enemy so that you can finish them off, or hack them, however you please.

As a Scout you will also gain access to the Augmented Camouflage. Moving around the map while remaining cloaked has clear advantages. Although your speed is limited, it’s amazingly useful and will be an asset to any Scout who likes moving around the map with SMG's. Lastly we have the Med Kit. This first unlockable Med Kit is simple but always good to have. Allowing you to quick revive, or even preform a self-revive, the Med Kit can be used at any time for great results.