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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier class guide

The Engineer

The Engineer is the support class of Ghost Recon. It’s designed to help out your team by revealing enemies using various equipment. The Engineer can be an invaluable part of any squad. Close range weapons are well suited for him. Shotguns and submachine guns will help you as you run in and toss sensors to uncover enemies. Mobility is also vital for Engineers. You want to be moving around the map supporting Riflemen as much as possible, as your team works towards completing objectives. Making use of the tools at your disposal will help you achieve you objectives much better than shooting up enemies like a maniac.

Class Weapons

Shotguns and submachine guns are the weapon of choice for this brainy bunch. Both are designed to give you high mobility while still being able to clear out multiple enemies. The shotguns naturally shoot slower but have the ability to land one-hit kills at short range. Depending on the type of shell you use, you can also extend their effective range beyond the normal limit.

Submachine guns are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They offer a high rate of fire with lower damage. This can be equally deadly up close as it will drop enemies in less than a second, but as with shotguns, their potency will suffer at longer ranges. Burst fire will help keep you on target and modifications can improve your accuracy even more. Remember the Engineer is designed to get close to his enemies. If you are trying to snipe with a shotgun, you are playing the wrong class.


The Engineer comes with an interesting selection of grenades, which starts with the sensor grenade. This grenade, when tossed, will reveal enemies’ locations within its radius for a short time. It is incredibly useful for removing dug in players and revealing people protecting objectives.

Decoy grenades offer an effective means of annoyance as they cause noise and make your enemies radar light up as if there is a gunfight occurring nearby. EMP grenades are useful as they disrupt your enemies HUD and smoke grenades are a shooter classic that will cause clouds of smoke to impair your enemy’s vision. Each grenade serves a unique purpose but if you are having a tough time deciding which to use then we suggest you pick the sensor. Having the ability to reveal your enemies' location is always useful and this one even helps out your allies.


Equipped with various machines to aid your team, the Engineer really has some of the most interesting equipment in the game. Two UAV's offer you the ability to scout out the map and reveal your enemies’ location to your team. One variant of UAV also comes equipped with light offensive power. Cameras can be placed at key locations throughout a map to offer you warning when someone is approaching you and Jammers can make it so your enemies’ equipment shuts down in its area of effect. Finally the Sentry Turret can be placed to offer heavy defensive fire to any location and help your team hold key objectives. The toughest decision to make is which equipment to bring along and you want to make sure to pick not only one that you enjoy using but one that you think will help lead your team to success.