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Get the new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller for $20 off with this Amazon Prime deal

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The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is new, improved, and one of the best pieces of video game hardware ever made - and today you can get it for the best price we've seen since it came out in November. The deluxe, customizable controller is currently on sale for Amazon Prime members: if you're subscribed, you can pick up an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller for $159 at Amazon, $20 off the standard price of $179. Not a Prime member? Just sign up for the free trial, get your discount, and cancel your trial subscription before Amazon bills you for more.

This particular Xbox One controller still isn't cheap, but it's a substantial saving on a piece of kit that will serve you well for years to come, whether you're playing on Xbox One, PC, or even Xbox Series X. A spreadsheet's worth of design improvements like wireless charging, textured grips, and adjustable tension on the control sticks make the Series 2 feel instantly more modern (and tough to put down) than its predecessor. Here's a little bit of what we thought of the controller in our 5-star review.

"The Xbox Elite Series 2 improves the expanded feature-set of the Elite in many ways, giving you more ways to remake your controller to run in a way that feels natural to you and you alone. Some of those features are common-sense updates, but you may be surprised by their impact. Truly, whether you are a power user looking to bend every game experience to your will, the way PC players tend to on a mouse and keyboard, or you simply want the most comfortable controller available, the Xbox One Elite Series 2 will give you what you need.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | $159 for Amazon Prime members (was $179)
Arguably the best mass market video game controller available today, you won't regret making this investment in your gaming setup, however you play.View Deal

Video game controllers have come a long way from the old days. Now if you have an Elite Series 2 controller, you can pass off your standard controller to friends/little siblings and everybody will be happy, instead of consigning them to the wretched fate of knock-off accessories.

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