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Free 2000 AD playing cards with SFX Magazine - only in Morrisons

Christmas spent with the relatives can’t half be a slog sometimes. Opening your twelfth pair of socks, washing up a mountain of pots and pans, the Queen’s speech, not to mention endless games of gin rummy to keep your elderly relatives “entertained”. Well we have the solution for relieving the boredom during the anxious wait for Doctor Who’s Christmas Special: a deck of 2000 AD playing cards featuring original artwork from the house of Dredd on each and every Vegas note. With all you favourites from Nikolai Dante and Sinister Dexter to Strontium Dog and the Judge himself (on the ace, natch) featuring you may find games lasting a great deal longer as you pause on each hand to soak up the mesmerising designs. You’ll never want to play with a regular deck again, just be careful when playing with like-minded friends or you may soon find yourself a few cards short of a full house.

Issue 190 featuring an exclusive interview with James Cameron about his long awaited return to big-screen sci-fi with Avatar is available in Morrisons stores now with a completely free pack of nifty 2000 AD playing cards. And if you’re a bit of a cheapskate they make a handy, low-cost, Christmas gift as well!