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Fortnite vaults: How to open the five secret rooms full of treasure

Fortnite vaults are now a thing in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – and no, we don't mean the vault that items of a bygone era get deposited into. These new vaults can be found at five specific locations on the map in Fortnite, and you can get some sweet loot inside, including gold weapons and XP coins. Here is how to get into all of the Fortnite vaults.

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What are Fortnite vaults?

Essentially, Fortnite vaults are locked rooms on the new map that have a bunch of high quality chests inside. You can't break into them from the outside, so in order to gain access, you have to kill a specific miniboss and pick up their door keycard. Question is, where can you find the bosses and where are each of the vaults? Here are all of the Fortnite vaults and how to kill the bosses.

The Shark vault

Fortnite Shark vault

(Image credit: Epic Games)

First up is The Shark location in the north-west corner of the map. This vault is in the basement and in order to get the keycard, you need to hunt down Skye.. Upon death she'll drop the correct keycard. She's carrying a gold assault rifle and doesn't have a lot of health, so she should be fairly easy to take down.

When you've killed her and picked up her keycard (and special weapon!), head down to the basement, Equipping the keycard will put an icon for the vault on your HUD, but make sure you've equipped a disguise via a phone booth first. If you don't, there'll be an auto turret down there with 2,000 health that deals some serious damage if you try and take it on.

Interact with the panel near the door and voila! There'll be plenty of loot for you to get and a teleporting toilet for you to hightail it outta there.

The Rig vault

Fortnite Rig vault

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Down in the south-west corner of the map is The Rig, a massive oil rig which is teeming with henchmen. Land here from the battle bus and TNTina, the miniboss featured in the trailer, is the one you need to kill. She's usually patrolling the central area and can often be seen outside on the top deck. TNTina is equipped with a unique Boom Bow but again, she isn't too beefy to kill.

Grab the keycard and the vault is over on the north side, inside one of the enormous legs propping up the entire rig. Inside will be the vault door; swipe the Rig Keycard and all the loot will be yours, then use the toilet to get away.

The Grotto vault

Fortnite Grotto vault

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Grotto is a difficult place to deal with because henchmen can shoot you through the one main entrance as you soar down. As long as you get inside and grab a weapon though, you should be okay. Use the phone booth by the edge of the water to disguise yourself then head into the north side of the facility to find both the vault door and Brutus, the agent boss for this area.

He's got a minigun and is surprisingly accurate with it, so this fight can be tough. Make sure you clear out the surrounding henchmen and since Brutus is so beefy, he takes a lot of hits. Once you've eventually taken him down, you'll be able to grab both his powerful minigun and Grotto Keycard. Open the vault door near to where you killed him for the sweet loots.

The Yacht vault

Fortnite Yacht vault

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Yacht is in the north-east corner and Meowscles the beefy feline is who you need to hunt down. He can be found just in the main room with quite a few henchmen around him, so either take them out first or get up close and personal with a disguise. If you've got a shotgun then he should go down fairly quickly.

When you kill Meowscles, you'll get his Pew Pew Assault Rifle which is a unique heavy assault rifle, and the Yacht Keycard to gain access to the vault which is down on the lower deck. Either destroy the turret or use a disguise to get past and bob's your uncle, so much loot!

The Agency vault

Fortnite Agency vault

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Agency is the massive building that has taken over Eye Land in the middle of the map. This is where Midas, the chap who loves gold, lives and who you have to kill to find the Agency Keycard. He's usually patrolling the inside of the building, often on one of the lower floors, just make sure no other henchmen can attack you while you're fighting him.

Dropping him will net you Midas' Drum Gun, a special version of the weapon which is currently vaulted in all other forms. Once you pick up the keycard, head to the basement of the building to find the vault, just take down the two turrets or find a disguise first. One tip is to take out one turret then dash for the control panel, because opening the door will deactivate the other one. Inside, you'll find so much loot, although this is the hardest vault to reach, so good luck!

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