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Fortnite: where to interact with an IO operatives computer

fortnite io operatives computer
(Image credit: Epic)

Fortnite needs you to interact with an IO operative's computer for one of this week's Fortnite quests. These tiny little terminals are mainly found inside Fortnite Satellite Stations, and the underground base beneath under the central red building in Corny Complex. 

Why are you looking for one of these little terminals? It's all for Doctor Slone who needs you to have a look around, saying, "get on to an IO Computer. See if you can find that mole. We have a few possible mole suspects, Let me investigate". That talk of a  Fortnite mole ties into another week 8 quest where you have to Mindwipe Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill in Fortnite because of the info this mysterious mole has been leaking. 

If you want to know what you're looking for, and where to find one when it comes to a Fortnite IO operative's computer, we have maps and more to help you find one.

Fortnite IO operatives computer locations

fortnite io operatives computer

(Image credit: Epic)
  1. Discovery Dish
  2. Dampy Dish
  3. Deep Woods Dish
  4. Defiant Dish
  5. Destined Dish
  6. Corny Complex Underground Base
  7. Dinky Dish
  8. Dockside Dish

You'll find a Fortnite IO operative's computer at each of the locations above, tucked away somewhere in a corner. These haven't appeared before and will glow clearly so  you should be able to recognize them easily from a distance. 

fortnite io operatives computer

(Image credit: Epic)

It's a small retro looking computer with a green screen and white keyboard resting  on a travel case. It won't always be in the main building either. That one up there, for example, was in the adjacent garage. 

Your best bet for finding one is to hit one of the Dishes around the outer edges or coastline of the island. Stay on the bus as long as possible so you can drop with fewer competitors and aim for the last Dish you can reach. That way you should have some time to explore without to much opposition. Because there's plenty of gear, chests and special crates you should also be able to gear up pretty well as you search too. Just watch out for IO guards, and take special care if you want to try the Corny Complex Underground Base as you'll have to fight Doctor Slone as well - not only will she split into three different enemies to fight, but you'll have to deal with guards as well.  

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