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Final Fantasy X Cheats

Final Fantasy X FAQs

Final Fantasy X Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Unlockable Aeons

    There are three unlockable Aeons in Final Fantasy 10: Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters. The Aeons require you to meet certain specifications to unlock them.

    Yojimbo: In order to get Yojimbo, you must pay a Fayth enough gil that he sees acceptable. He starts the offer at 300,000 gil. You might be able to negotiate a lower price to persuade him to give you Yojimbo. You can get Yojimbo for a price somewhere above 200,000, but under 300,000.

    Anima: In order to obtain Anima, you must complete the challenge in the temple at the ruins where you fight Geosgaeno. A barrier blocks the door to the Fayth that gives you Anima. When you try to get past it, it says that there are 6 treasures within each Cloister of Trials. You must go back to the temples and find all open all 6 chests. Once you have opened the 6 chests in each temple, walk up to each gem and it should glow. When all six gems glow, the barrier will disappear and you will obtain Anima after a short clip telling about Seymour's lust for power, which led him to Sin.

    Magus Sisters: If you are to acquire the Magus Sisters Cindy, Sandy, and Mindy, you must first gain the Floral Crown. You need to capture every monster at Mount Gagazet. After that, talk to the man who wanted you to capture the monsters in the first place. He'll be delighted and give you the Floral Crown as his means of thanks. Then, go to Remiem Temple and destroy the barrier and Yuna will enter for a moment and come out with the Magus Sisters as part of your team.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Porter Daniels

    Tidus Ultimate Weapon Caladbog

    To get Tidus' ultimate weapon, you have to beat the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands. After you beat her go to the north edge of the cliff and go into the area that the guy was guarding. You have to have the celestial mirror. If you don't, you can't get the weapon.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alvin Chen Fei Wong

    Energy Blast for Valefor

    First of all, you Have to have Valefor. Go to the Besaid Village, look for a dog, press X when you find it. It will say something like, It has something in its mouth, and is covered in dog slobber. You will obtain Energy Blast. It is stronger than Energy Ray.

Final Fantasy X Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Aeon king

    The Magus Sisters

    The Magus sisters do NOT do 500,000 damage with their overdrive but they do more damage than any Aeon by fighting and they require you to literally capture every monster species on mount Gagezet (even in the cave) and defeat Anima, Yojimbo, and every other Aeon. After getting the Magus sisters once you defeat them in the battle against Yunalesca she tell you she has nothing more to teach you and you receive one of Yuna's requirements to level-up the legendary weapon.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Air ship passwords

    #1 GODHAND - takes you to Rikku's legendary weapon.
    #2 VICTORIOUS - takes you to Rikku's Victorious armor.
    #3 MURASAME - takes you to get Murasame.
    all of the passwords are in caps

  • PS2 | Submitted by blitz-man

    How to get to Remiem Temple

    To get to Remiem Temple, first you need a chocobo, then you go to where you first come into the calm lands. Then continue to the right. You will see a chocobo feather whilst on your chocobo - press 'x' then your chocobo should fly to the island-type thing. Get off and walk down the little road then you come to a big suspension bridge - over this is Remiem Temple.

  • PS2 | Submitted by blitz-man

    Brilliant Blitzball Player

    Go back to Luca whenever you can and go up the stairs. On the right-hand side off the item/weapon store is a crusader. Press square on him and you should see his name is Wedge but you can't see his stats. Hire him anyway and put him in for Datto - you now have a really good player! I got him up to lv30 and his endurance, attack and block are fantastic.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Seth Shafer

    New Overdrive for Valefor

    After you destroy Yunalesca in Zanarkand and obtain the airship fly over to the island of Besaid. Go to the town and start heading for the temple. Before you go up the stairs look for a girl standng next to a dog. She will say that her dog found something, and you should get a message that you have obtained something slimy and mushy. And before you know it Valefor has a brand spanking new OVERDRIVE!

  • PS2 | Submitted by zsrate789

    Valefor's Second Overdrive

    To get Valefor's second overdrive you must get the airship first. Fly to besaid village and find the girl with her dog next to the temple, if she's not there she will be in the item shop (first building on left). Talk to her and she will give you valefor's second overdrive, energy blast.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Bahamut

    The Best Blitzball Team


    For your forwards, you should shoose Larbeight and Tidus. If you haven't learned the Jecht Shot yet, go back to the S.S. Winno and attempt it until you do. For a midfielder Vuroja would be a good choice. On defence get Ropp and Nav Guado. This allows a ballence of ATK and BLK. For the goalie, make sure you get Nimrook. At level 99 there is a chance that he can stop any shot.

    P.S. You need to wait until Larbeight, Vuroja, Nav Guado, and Nimrook's contracts expire.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kwitcherbelliakin

    Seymour 2(Natus)

    Bevelle Highbridge(After Watery Via purifico)

    You should have Reflect learned by Yuna now. cast Haste on party. Your party should be Auron for offense, Yuna for defense, and Tidus for both. next cast Reflect on your party, and seymour. then have all three talk to him. Just keep attacking with Break. Lulu should have her -ga spells as well as Bio and death. use Bio on him before you cast reflect on him. if you attack his Mortithingamajig it will sap 4000 hp of of Seymour.all of seymours spells, including Break will bounce off of you, because of reflect. Unleash overdrives on him. Soon his Mortithing will use cura on him but it will bounce off of him and cure you. if you want to heal, you will have to use a potion otherwise curaga ,which is what you should have by now, will bounce off.

  • PS2 | Submitted by MR. KeNnY

    The Al Bhed Language

    I, through hours of trial and erorr, have found the translation (well, all but 4 letters of it)of Al Bhed to English! It goes as follows:

    (Al Bhed) y = (English) a; p=b; l=c; t=d; a=e; v=f; k=g; r=h; e=i; z=j; g=k; m=l; s=m; h=n; u=o; ?=p; ?=q; n=r; c=s; d=t; i=u; j=v; f=w; ?=x; o=y; ?=z

    I hope this has been helpful! (sorry about not knowing those four letters in Al Bhed! - p,q,x,z)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jimmy'O

    Al Bhed Primers

    Here are all the Al Bhed Primers

    I - Al Bhed Salvage Ship
    II - Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge
    III - S.S. Liki - Engine Room
    IV - Kilika - Tavern
    V - S.S. Winno - Bridge
    VI - Luca Stadium - Basement B
    VII - Luca Theater - Reception
    VIII - Mi'hien Highroad (Automatic)
    IX - Mi'hien Highroad - New Road North
    X - Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice
    XI - Djose Highroad
    XII - Moonflow - North Wharf
    XIII - Guadosalam - House
    XIV - ThunderPlains - Agency (Say to Rin that the Al Bhed study goes well)
    XV - Macalania Woods - Lake Road
    XVI - Lake Macalania - Agency Front
    XVII - Sanubia Desert - Central
    XVIII - Sanubia Desert - Central (Near the bulletin that says 'Home')
    XIX - Al Bhed Home
    XX - Al Bhed Home - Living Quarters
    XXI - Al Bhed Home - Main corridor
    XXII - Bevelle Temple Priest's Passage (After the marrying scene)
    XXIII - Calm Lands - Central (Near the Chocobo Trainer)
    XXIV - Remiem Temple - Left Side
    XXV - Calm Lands - Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth
    XXVI - Omega Ruins

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Place Co-ordinate

    When you have an airship, talk to Cid, and choose the second option in Map menu (Search). The secret place are:
    Secret Place #1 X: 34 Y: 58
    Secret Place #2 X: 15 Y: 41
    Secret Place #3 X: 31 Y: 73
    Secret Place #4 X: 16 Y: 57
    Secret Place #5 X: 42 Y: 57
    Secret Place #6 X: 74 Y: 36

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeat the Aeons

    You must do this before fighting the last boss because the boss (Sin) will enter your summon body to take over the body. So, you must kill all your summon to fight the last boss. This battle will be easier if your summon don't get to their highest power.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeated the last Boss (Sin)

    The last boss in this game is very weirdo one. The size is so small, but the power is so cool. When the battle begin, cast 'Reflect' magic on it, because it will use 'Full-Cure' on it after each attack which cure 9'999 HP. When you reach Yuna's turn, cast 'Reflect' on all party members too. Use Tidus and Auron to attack and use Yuna's 'Holy' to attack it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Arron Lee Barnett

    Easy Blitz-Ball moves

    To learn Blitz moves faster just set your marks on the move you want... now when playing dont wory about setting your players to "mark mode". You don't need to as long as they use their Blitz move you can copy it! Now your players wont run from their positions when in "mark mode"

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How To Get Celestial Mirror

    To get the celestial sheild, get the cloudy mirror, which can be acquired by going to remmiem temple and winning the chokabo race. Simply cross the bridge and turn right. Win the race, getting the cloudy Mirror. Then, go to the Macalania woods. Once there, talk to the woman, and she will tell you her husband is lost. Take the path to the right of her. Then go right, and then up. This is where her husband is. Talk to all of the men until you have talked to him. Then go back to the woman. Now her son is lost. Go up the new path that is made of ice, and search all the trails. When you find the boy, simply talk to him. Then, when it asks you to use the cloudy mirror, say 'yes'. With the celestial mirror you will be able to get final weapons.
    Boss Strategy
    Sinspawn Gui: Part 1
    Head: 4,000 HP
    Arm: 800 HP
    Body: 12,000 HP
    Absorption: Electric
    Immunity: Water
    Start with every one(including your aeons) in overdrive mode. Have Tidus, Lulu, and Wakka out first. Tidus should first cast Haste on everyone, while Lule batters the head with her Black Magic spells(be sure to have Fira, Thundara, Watera, and Blizzara). Wakka should then use his Elemental Reels Overdrive against the body. The arms won't block overdrives. Then use everyones overdrives systematically against the body. Before you unleash your attacks on the body destroy the head with long-range attacks. Then beat the remaining life out of it.
    Sinspawn Gui: Part 2
    Head: 1,000 HP
    Arm: 800 HP
    Body: 6,000 HP
    With Seymour on your team, beating the damaged sinspawn is a piece of cake. Have Wakka out to use his Dark Attack, Yuna out to heal the others with Cure, and use Seymour to beat the heck out of it with powerful spells like Blizzaga, Firaga, Watera, etc. The body(if the body's gone the head and the arms stop functioning....wonder why?) is the only part you need to attack since 6 Black Magic attacks will kill it.
    Wendigo and his Guado Guardians
    HP: 18,000
    Weakness: Fire
    Guado Guardians-
    HP: 1,200 each
    Start with Yuna, Wakka, and Rikku. Use Rikku to steal the potions the Guado are holding so they can't heal themselves. Then use Wakka to put the Wendigo to sleep. Then summon an aeon(Valefor's best) to kill the Guado before they can cast Berserk on the Wendigo(if you don't stop them from casting Berserk it's okay). Now switch Yuna and Rikku for Tidus and Lulu. Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu and Wakka. Then have Wakka use Sleep Attack then Lulu use Fira or Firaga on the sleeping Wendigo. Switch Tidus for Yuna so if someone is hurt she can heal them. Then keep up the Wakka/Lulu system until it is dead.
    Evrae Altana
    This boss isn't at all hard(he's easier than the first boss battle). I don't need to tell you how much HP he has(it's 16,384) because you can kill him in 2 turns(no matter how strong or weak you are). Okay, here it goes: Use two Phoenix downs on him.
    Biran and Yenke Ronso
    HP: 25% more than Kimahri
    The only reason I tld you about this was if you use Kimahri's Lancet ability on the Ronsos to learn almost all of Kimahri's overdrives. Strategy: Beat them to a pulp. Get them both to around 200 HP then kill them. If you kill one the other goes Berserk and does twice as much damage, but use the strategy and you'll kill the one with Berserk before he can attack.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kerry


    I know that if you have Yojimbo and you want him to use Zanmato,and he doesn't well here are a few tips how to do it now your relationship is the key I'm talking about that he likes to fight so summon him a lot and he knows how much gil you have so if you only pay him a small percentage he won't do it also his relationship level go's down when he uses his dog (Daigoro) and his overdrive just increases the chance of him using it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cactuar Location

    There are total 9 Cactuar that can be found all around the world. The location of the Cactuar are:
    Near the first Save point
    Sanubia Desert (East)
    In the alcove to the east, north of the tent with the save point
    Sanubia Desert (West)
    Search the sign near the Cactuar rock that says “20% off”
    Sanubia Desert (Central)
    Near the ruins to the west, look for two Cactuars running around the desert.
    Sanubia Desert (East)
    Near the save point under the tent.
    Sanubia Desert (West)
    Trapped in the treasure chest in the far west.
    Sanubia Desert (Central)
    Inside one of the sand whirlpools. You must exit and re-enter the area.
    Info submitted by Kerry on Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 07:58:43
    Teleport back to the airship and go on the outside deck.
    Sanubia Desert
    Return to the Cactuar statue and the last one automatically appears behind you.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Restoring Ifrits Health With Out Saving

    Summon Ifrit, then when you get low on health go into his black magic and use fire on himself, that should restore some of his health, since he came from hell, also, when your battling two "bombs" and another foe, kill the foe first, that way when the foe hurts you you can let the bombs hit you since the always use fire.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Win the Blitz Ball Tournament

    If you win the first tournament at Luca, you will get a trophy and a weapon for Wakka. If you lose, the game will continue but you only have the trophy.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Healing Aeons

    Instead of not using a badly hurt aeon until you can find a save game sphere (saving game also heals aeons). You can just battle with the aeon and use it's black magic on itself. Example: Using Shiva just use blizzara on herself, fire for Ifirit and so forth.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kerry

    How to get the ultimate weapon?

    Each character has a specific ultimate weapon that can be acquired by using the Celestial Mirror. When the weapon is first found, it is equipped with ‘No AP&; ability. To remove this ability and empower the weapon to it&;s full potential, you need to find 2 specific event items for each character. Upon doing so, you must then return to the Macalania Woods and use the Celestial Mirror to power up the weapon at the large spherical crystal high amid the treetops. Below is the description on how to get the weapon.
    Get Tidus Ultimate Weapon Caladbolg
    To acquire Tidus&;s ultimate weapon, Caladbolg, you must race and defeat Chocobo trainer at Calm Lands by getting as many balloons as you can until your time is 0.0.0. Each balloon will minus 3 second from your total time. Watch out also for the flying birds that attack you from above. After winning the race, walk to the upper northwest section of the Calm Lands. The guard blocking the narrow pathway down into the gorge will have left his post, allowing you to pass. Tidus will then be able to use the Celestial Mirror to acquire Caladbolg.
    Caladbolg Power Up Item
    Item #1 (Sun Crest)
    Can be found at Zanarkand dome when you fight Yunalesca.
    Item #2 (Sun Sigil)
    Can be obtained after you beat the Chocobo trainer at Calm Land with time 0.0.0
    Get Yuna Ultimate Weapon Nirvana
    To acquire Yuna&;s ultimate weapon, Nirvana, you must capture all 9 type of fiends of the Calm Land region. After collecting them all, return to the monster arena owner. He will produce a treasure chest containing the weapon.
    Nirvana Power Up Item
    Item #1 (Moon Crest)
    Can be found at the beach of Besaid Isle.
    Item #2 (Moon Sigil)
    Can be obtained after you defeat every aeons at Remiem Temple.
    Get Auron Ultimate Weapon Masamune
    To acquire Auron&;s ultimate weapon, Masamune, you must acquire the Rusty Sword, found on the eastern cliff of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands. Take the Rusty Sword to the statue of Lord Mi& then on Mushroom Rock road. Clasko previously prevented access to this area. Place the Rusty Sword before the statute reveal a glyph. Touch the glyph to reveal the Masamune&;s secret location.
    Masamune Power Up item
    Item #1 (Mars Crest)
    Can be found South of the Oldroad at Mi&;ihen Highroad.
    Item #1 (Mars Sigil)
    Capture 10 monsters in 10 different species in 10 different regions.
    Get Wakka Ultimate Weapon World Champion
    To acquire Wakka&;s ultimate weapon, World Champion, you must have the Celestial mirror and talk to the bartender in the Luca Cafý. If she refuses to turn it over, it&;s because you have been neglecting to play Blitz Ball.
    World Champion Power Up item
    Item #1 (Jupiter Crest)
    Can be found inside the locker in the Aurochs&; locker room at Luca.
    Item #1 (Jupiter Sigil)
    Offered as a prize in Blitz ball League matches, but only after Wakka has the Attack Reels, Statue Reels, and Aurochs Reeels.
    Get Kimahri Ultimate Weapon Spirit Lance
    To acquire Kimahri&;s ultimate weapon, Spirit lance, you must activated three of the Cactuar Tombstones on the Thunder Plains. Stand at any stone and press Square button to see the spirit of Cactuar released. After activating three stones, find the cactuar ghost flying just above the ground at Thunder Plains – south, and follow it to a small, ruined lightning tower on the right side. Press Square button to send bolt of lightning to the tower, revealing a treasure chest holding the Spirit Lance.
    Spirit Lance Power Up item
    Item #1 (Saturn Crest)
    Can be found at Mt. Gagazet, columns after Seymour battle.
    Item #1 (Saturn Sigil)
    Capture all blue butterflies without touching any red ones in the butterfly hunt game in Macalania Woods.
    Get Lulu Ultimate Weapon Union Knight
    To acquire Lulu&;s ultimate weapon, Union Knight, return to Baaj Temple (where Tidus first woke up) and dive underwater. Swim towards the doors to the north to fight Geosgaeno. A strategy for this boss is detailed below, in the section on obtaining the aeon Anima. After defeating Geosgaeno, search the southern part of the circular underwater area and look for a treasure chest containing the weapon.
    Union Knight Power Up item
    Item #1 (Venus Crest)
    Can be found at Farplane at Guadosalam.
    Item #1 (Venus Sigil)
    You have to evade the lightning on the Thunder Plains 200 consecutive times without being hit. Return to the front of the Travel Agency and open the chest there.
    Get Rikku Ultimate Weapon Godhand
    To acquire Rikku&;s ultimate weapon, Godhand, you must input the airship password GODHAND to open a secret location at Mushroom Rock. Move north the end of this ravine, and use the Celestial Mirror on the symbol embedded in the rock face.
    Godhand Power Up item
    Item #1 (Mercury Crest)
    Can be found in a sand whirlpool in Sanubia Desert.
    Item #1 (Mercury Sigil)
    Can be obtained after you complete the Village of the Cactuars mini-game and look for a treasure chest in the sandstorm area.
    Seymour (Second Battle)
    To fight Seymour in second battle with his deformed form, just make sure Tidus and Auron have enough HP and Attack power. When the battle begins, press Left for Trigger Command and choose the Boss (not Boss 1). Make sure your party member is Tidus, Auron, and Yuna. Now, if it is Tidus turn, use his Special move 'Attack Up'. Now let Yuna summon Ifrit or Bahamut. Use Bahamut or Ifrit second attack (Special Attack) and attack Boss 1 (not Seymour). If Bahamut, it will become more easy. The Boss 1 will absorb HP from Seymour from 4000 to 1000, if it get killed. Keep killing the creatures using Bahamut special attack so it attack both. If Bahamut get killed, get someone use physical attack against both of them.
    Restart Game
    Press L1+L2+R1+R2+SELECT+START button together about 1-2 second. You can only restart the game if the Pause can be active.
    Using Sphere
    "Sphere" is a new Final Fantasy system which is similar to Junction system in Final Fantasy VIII, plus it is more easy to use. To learn a new ability, you need a S.Level, which is used to move the cursor from place to place. The S.Level works same as EXP (Experience Point) from the previous Final Fantasy series. S.Level used to moved the cursor and set an item to learn a new ability or make you stronger or make your defense rose. This can be make in Sphere. Rikku will give you this item after you get onboard with her on the ship. To open Sphere, select the first option. Use R1 or L1 to scroll the characters. Use Select button to minimize or maximize the Sphere. Now, move the cursor by pressing O button. Move it to the place where there is an icon with sword or defense on it or any image by selecting the first option. Now, place it anywhere. The best place is between 2,3 and 4 icon cause you can learn much ability with only a few S.Level. After you have choose the destination!
    n (only can be place on the highlights place) press O again and now select the second option and choose any of the item which is in white (gray is not suitable) and press O again, it will place the item automatically. So, repeat the process until you can't put anymore items on it. Sometimes you need a special item, which is write Lv.1, Lv.2 or Lv.3 at the end of the item name. This item used to open a new path in your Sphere, so you can learn anew technique or ability even makes you stronger.
    Switch Party Members
    When you in-battle with 4 to 7 characters, you can switch them when you have to or must switch it. To switch it, just press L1 when your turn. Now choose the character at the list given by pressing Up or Down button. Confirm it by pressing O button. You can switch them as many times as you like. To skip the character, just press Triangle button.
    Funny Scene in Battle
    Just knock out 1 or 2 of your character in battle. Make sure you have Yuna in your party. Now with 2 of them is in KO status, use Yuna's summon magic and summon any kind of summon monsters you would like to use. The first funny scene appears, which the dead characters will run while they are in KO status. Now let the summon get killed or killed it with his own attack. When the summon monster is dead or KO, all your party member with gather together again, here another funny scene appear, the two of your KO characters will get back into battle and they will stand like always but they will get back to die. This also works when your character is in Sleep status.
    Rikku's Steal Ability
    Rikku are the only character that can steal item from the enemy. You can also use Rikku when you encounter a treasure box in the battle. You can also let all your character learn this ability by fill up all the Sphere from the character to Rikku's Sphere site, then you can also learn the technique. All your characters also can learn White or Black Magic from both Yuna and Lulu.
    Buy a Final Fantasy X Movie and Soundtrack
    There are another cool things in this game where you can buy back the movie you have watch from the beginning of the game until the last movie you have watch. Soundtrack also available from the beginning of the game until the last soundtrack you have heard. Each Movie cost 500Gil and each Soundtrack cost 200Gil. You can buy this at the big town where you first meet Seymour. Find the cinema and buy the movie from the boy on the left and soundtrack from the boy on the right.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anima

    Tips for Getting the Sun Sigil

    To get the Sun Sigil, you have to race the chocobo trainer and get a total time of 0:0.0. This is quite possibly one of the most frustrating tasks in the game. The first tip I have is to go for the frist balloon (which shaves off 3 seconds on your time) on the right. The one on the left is virtually impossible to get because the Trainer will cut you off. Usually if you just aim for the balloons on the right, you can pick up 3 or 4 at the beginning stretch. On the last two stretches, it's all luck. The birds are never worth the hit, because not only do they add 3 seconds, but it take another 2 or 3 seconds to recover. Then Square wants you to cry when occasionally a second unavoidable bird comes and hits you basically, unless it'll get you like 5 balloons, avoid the birds. The race itself can usually take around 37-42 seconds without hitting birds, so you need at least 13-15 balloons to make the perfect time. Every bird you hit is essentially 2!
    more balloons to grab. It takes a long time to get the hang of it (took me almost 2 hours to get it), but the reward is more than worth the torture. Tidus's weapon, when fully powered, coms with the abilities Triple Overdrive, Evade & Counter, Magic Counter, and Break Damage Limit, so it's definitely worth it.
    Hidden aeon,Anima
    Find the hidden location Baaj temple with the airship.Run up the familiar path and dive into the water.Then prepare to finally defeat Geosgaeno, and swim toward the under water temple entrance.
    GEOSGAENO:Geosgaeno attacks with stone punch and KO punch, so equip Rikku,Tidus,and wakka with armor bearing protection against petrifacation and death. Cast Hastega and Protect on the party, and use everyone's Overdrives.
    After defeating Geosgaeno, swim north into the temple entrance. Enter the Chamber of Fayth, where you'll find 4 megapheonix items and a megaelixir. Apprach the six statues on either side. There is one hidden item in each of Spira's 6 cloister of trials. you should have 5 of these items at this point, and five of the statues in this room will activate as a result. Now you just need to get the last item from the Zanarkand Dome.
    Fly back to Zanarkand and enter the dome. There, a new puzzle solution is displayed on-screen. Step on three white squares in the first room and 4 in the larger chamber. This opens a panel in the first room reavling a Destruction Sphere. Place the Destruction sphere into the slot to the right of the monitor in the larger chamber, and the screen will explode. Collect the Magistal Rod, and return to Baaj Temple.
    The six statues will now resonate with the items you have collected, allowing you to enter the Chamber of Fayth. Now the unbeleivably poerful aoen is yours!
    Anima conjures the essence of misery and anguish, and unleashes it upon a single enemy. The attack has a high chance of causing instant death. Pain has a high recovery time.
    In the most horrifying of all aeons' overdrives, Anima inflicts multiple non-elemental attacks on all enemies
    Easy last boss fight
    This code is easy any body can do it all u need is zombie or zombie attack when the battle begins immediately cast zombie on the the boss then attack now usually after ur turn Yu Yugo ( or something like that ) will cast curaga with to cure him, with zombie on it will hurt him inflicting up to 5000 damage, now with this knowledge u can use phiniox downs on him to kill him or x potions or any curing item u would like to use to slowly take down his pride!
    Get Wakka in Your BlitzBall Team
    After the Al Bhed "Home" is destroyed and you're on Cid's ship, and after everyone's done talking go to Wakka and ask him to be in your Blitz Ball team, by pressing square, and he'll join. That easy, you can also get Rin in your team when monster attack the ship.
    Easy Ochu Kill
    Early in the game, Ochu can be a formidable foe, and with a reward of 180 AP it is important that you seek and kill all that you can find...doing so will aide you on your quest to activate all nodes on the Sphere Grid.
    Remember to have all your characters take a swing at it, then have Yuna come out to play. After the Ochu's turn, summon Valefor and have him use his Sonic Wings attack...this delays the Ochu's turn. Keep hitting him with Sonic Wings untill it has 300 or so HP left...dismiss Valefor and Bring out Lulu...Cast Fira or Firaga...BOOM! You kill the Ochu with minimal effort and get an OVERKILL in the process.
    Auron's Overdrives:Monster Catching
    Auron learns new overdriives by looking at spheres left in Spira by Jechct,Braska,and himself.There are 8 Jechct Spheres,1 Braska Sphere,and 1 Auron Sphere.Personally,I only have like 3 or 4.You can't get some until you get the airship,so you should visit the monster arena while backtracking for the spheres and catch some monsters for the managre while looking for the spheres required for Auron's overdrives.
    Get the extremly powerful aeons Yojimbo and the Magus sisters
    Yojimbo-To gain this aeon you must atleast have 216,001 gil or more. After you beat Defender X go down the valley that he came from. You will see cave proceed inside until you find a dead summoner. She will call Yojimbo so summon Bahummut he will make quick work of Yojimbo. Then get on the teleport pad and go inside the chamber of faith then the faith Yojimbo will ask you what you seek. say "To destroy the most powerful of enemies." he respond "If you want my strength you must pay the price." Make your starting offer as 205,000. Then make an offer of 216,000. After that make an offer of 216,001. He will accept you offer and now you have the aeon Yojimbo.
    Magus sisters-To get the Magus sisters you must first have all of the aeons including Yojimbo and Anima. First go to the Remium Temple and defeat Belgimes Bahummut she will give you the flower scepter. Then capture all of the feinds on munt. Gagazet. After that return to the monster arena owner in the calm lands and he will give you the blossom crown. Go back to the remium temple and use the blossom crown and the flower scepter to open the sealed door now you have these extremely powerful aeons when they get there overdrive they do 500,000 damage.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Al Bhed Primer

    There are total 26 Al Bhed Primer. This book contain a complete alphabetical words in Al Bhed translate into an alphabetical words. So if you can complete all 26 Al Bhed Primer you can understand what the Al Bhed tribe said to you. The Al Bhed word is highlight in red instead of blue.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Buy all Final Fantasy X Movie and Soundtrack

    Get back to Luca when you have a chance after the Blitz Ball Tournament, or before you fight the last boss. All music that you can hear in Final Fantasy X included the music when you rest at any Inn cost 250 Gil. For the Movie, it cost about 500 Gil. You can only buy the entire movie that you already view it and the soundtrack that you already hear it. Buy the movie at the man at the left side of the cinema entrance and buy the soundtrack at the right man at the entrance too. You can also buy it after you get an airship.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Seymour Form 2 Kill

    Ok before you fight Seymour Form 2, put Yuna in your party. Now go fight some monsters around the area before you begin your big match. When you encounter one of the monsters have Yuna call out one of her Aeons, now let the Aeon take the hits from the monsters so the *Overdrive* bar goes up, once you get the *Overdrive* bar up "Dismiss" the Aeon and call the other Aeons keep repeating this step until all your Aeons have full *Overdrives* now your ready to fight Seymour Form 2! Get into battle with Seymour (NOTE - Make sure you have Yuna in the party!!) now don't attack Seymour until its Yuna's turn (*HINT* - Press TRIANGLE to skip Character's turn!!) now call out your first Aeon in the list (Valefor) I prefer going down Top to Bottom that way you have the powerful Aeons at the Bottom (Ex. Bahumut, Yojimbo) now use your Aeon's *Overdrive* (All of your Aeons should do 9999 damage no matter what except for Bahumut, Anima, & The Magus Sister's they do over 9999 damag!
    e if your Aeon's dont do that amount of damage then you didn't fight enough monsters, remember when Yuna Level's up and you upgrade her HP Sphere your Aeons level up as well so it's like leveling up your Aeons when leveling up Yuna, keep that in mind!!) after you have done the damage to Seymour, he will kill your Aeon instantly after you attacked it even if you used normal attack he kills your Aeons in 1 hit you can't do nothing about it! (I prefer to use Bahumut last, he is the only powerful Aeon in your list) then just use Bahumut's *Overdrive* to kill Seymour eventually he will die after Bahumut's attack!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeating Seymour 3

    Get a lot of holy waters, a lot of hi-potions, and a lot of phoenix downs when he uses his combo attack and one of your party's status is zombie use holy water on them before he uses full life and kills you. If you can use reflect on everyone including Seymour, so when he uses full life (if you run out of holy waters) it will miss you and you will live.
    NOTE: after you've done that bring out some of your hard hitters preferably Wakka and Auron.
    Oh, also get LuLu to use fire, fira, and/or firaga because he is weak against fire.Easy Spheres
    Fight Kottos in the monster arena (get him by catching all the monsters in the mi'ihen highroad) then do an 'Extract' attack (Extract Ability, Extract Speed etc.) on him and then beat him, you'll get 40 of the spheres you extracted off him!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    20 free potions

    In the start when you got on the ship for first time go down to the floor were the power room is and enter a room with a wallet on the floor examine it and Tidus will kick it and find a potion keep kicking it until you have 20 potions.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Healing Aeons

    To heal all of your aeons at once just save the game.