Fallout: New Vegas Unique Weapons guide

Location: Camp MacCarran

You can only get the Cram Opener from one person / location – Little Buster in Camp MacCarran has it in his inventory. There are a few ways to go about getting this weapon off of this poor schmuck:

1 – If you have a high enough Sneak skill simply remove your armor to enhance your sneaking abilities and then pickpocket the weapon off of him.

2 – It’s possible to simply wait until completing the Three-Card Bounty quest. When you do this Little Buster can be found dead along the railroad tracks in Freeside. Then you simply loot his corpse for the weapon. Neat and clean.

3– Killing him is a possibility but you have to be really careful about it. If you’ve got a strong enough silenced weapon, killing him with a single headshot won’t turn anyone else hostile or cost you NCR reputation. It’s also possible to reverse pickpocket a grenade or mine into his inventory but this seems to almost always alert everyone to your crimes.

4 – The fastest way to get this weapon from Little Buster is by killing him by simply blowing up one of the trucks near him. This will blow him away and allow you to loot his dead body. This will have no repercussions with the NCR or karma loss.

If you’re using unarmed weapons then you have a decision to make. Weapons like Pushy or Displacer Glove do a good deal more damage, sometimes twice as much, but the Cram Opener is quite powerful in its own way – it ignores Damage Threshold. With a high critical hit chance, a slightly lower AP cost when used in VATs and a bit of a higher attack speed. Heck this weapon can even make dealing with the Brotherhood of Steel a rather impressively easy matter. But then again the Paladin Toaster can do that as well.