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Exclusive: First pics of Super SFIV Classic Costume pack

The follow-up to one of last year’s highest-rated gamesis still over a month away, but Capcom’s not wasting any time shoveling the hype train full of much-deserved coal. The past couple of months have seen new fighters announced with regularity (SFIII’s Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto being the most recent), and today we’ve got the first shots of a swanky pre-order bonus – the “Super Classic Costume” pack, starring Blanka, Guile, Gen, Fei Long and Dhalsim.

Above: Fei “not Bruce Lee” Long in a sweet-ass Kato costume. Look it up!

Capcom’s Unity bloghas the full details, along with direct links to Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. If you’re not big on pre-orders, the costume pack is a timed exclusive, meaning it’ll eventually become available to everyone. However, you’ll probably end up paying for the pack at that point, and who wants to buy what was once free?

Above: Blanka dons a pink gi similar to Dan Hibiki

Above: Creepy old Gen goes shirtless – we assume there are pants

Above: Guile’s ballistic vest should protect from bullets, but what about fireballs, electricity and DNA-stealing bosses?

Above: Dhalsim ditches his crinkly rags and skull necklace for this charming new uniform

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Feb 24, 2010