The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition Followers guide

Are you tired of being set on fire by evil necromancers? Have all those decorative jugs become just too much for you to carry? Then you need a genuine Skyrim Special Edition follower! For just the price of a few gold or a demeaning fetch quest, you too can enjoy the company of an ally so devoted that they’ll gladly get the crap kicked out of them while you cower behind a rock and chug potions in Skyrim Nintendo Switch. We’ve cataloged all potential followers in the game, allowing you to base your decision on crucial factors like skill set, weapon type, and beard length. Choose your glorified dragon bait today!

Some quick facts about followers:

Followers do a fairly good job of... following your lead. While they do have an annoying habit of getting in the way of your fireballs/arrows and standing in doorways, you’re usually much worse off without them.

Followers can carry a significant amount of weight. This comes in handy if you don’t have anywhere to stash your loot between dungeon raids.

Don’t worry about losing a follower if you want some alone time. Dismissing only sends the character back to from where they came. You can simply find them and ask them back.

If you turn around and you can’t find your buddy, chances are they aren’t dead - just lagging behind. Try waiting a few hours (using the back button).

In most cases, enemies will only temporarily incapacitate your followers and not outright kill them. Be careful not to accidentally finish the job with a stray spell or arrow; once followers are dead, they stay dead.

Don’t forget to upgrade your followers’ weapons and armor. If you give your follower a piece of equipment that is more effective than their stock equipment, they will use it.

Followers aren’t just for combat. You can order them to do things like pick locks and pockets as well.

You can only have one follower and one dog at a time.

In order to marry a follower, you first have to complete any related quests in order to gain their respect, then equip the Amulet of Mara. The amulet can be purchased from Maramal the priest in Riften for 200 gold. He can be found at the inn or the temple.

Note: We are only covering the permanent followers. Those who join up temporarily for specific quests are not listed.

Table of Contents:

Members of the College of Winterhold

Members of the Dark Brotherhood
Followers for hire
Quest/Task-locked Followers

Daedric-related Followers

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