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Dishonored rune and outsider shrine locations guide

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

Rune 2-1

When you find Granny Rags in her house in the Distillery District, talk to her and she will tell you about some rude gentlemen callers at her door. Take her key and exit through the front door to find them at her doorstep calling for her. Take them down as you see fit and then return to Granny. She will tell you she left a present for you upstairs. Make your way up to the second floor and you will find a rune hanging over the fire for you to grab.

Rune 2-2

Once you have taken care of the gentlemen callers for Granny, you can talk to her again and she will ask you to perform another favor for her. For this one, you will need to enter Dr. Galvani’s house and grab the rat viscera from his laboratory and then take it to the basement of the Distillery. Once you have done as Granny requested, return to her and she will offer you another rune in the same place as the previous.

Rune 2-3 / Outsider Shrine 2-1

While still in Granny Rag’s house, go to the first floor and exit through the grey door to get behind her house. Here you will find an Outsider Shrine around the corner that will have a rune on it.

Rune 2-4

For this rune, walk up the main street in the Distillery District, disabling the Walls of Light as you come to them. When you pass the second “wall” there will be a guard house on the left side of the road. Walk inside it and you will find a rune there on a table.

Rune 2-5

When you have entered the Overseer’s Mansion to retrieve the journal from High Overseer Campbell, look over the fireplace where Campbell and Curnow have their meeting. Hanging on the wall in a picture frame with be another rune.

Rune 2-6

Once you make your way through the Overseer’s mansion to the bottom floor, you will come to a door to the backyard to meet Samuel. Before going through there, look to the right of that door to find another that leads to the Kennels. Go through and follow the stairs to the bottom. In the corner here will be a bust of Holger. Press the eye on the bust and a door to the right of it will open revealing Campbell’s Secret Chamber. Smash the case on the left side to grab the rune inside it.

Rune 2-7

When you enter the Backyard after exiting the Overseer’s Mansion, go to the far left of the area and you will come to a building that is labeled “Workshop”. To enter, you will need to get the key from a guard patrolling. Once inside, simply make your way around the room until you come to a large chalkboard and tools. The rune will be on the left side under a magnifying glass.