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Dishonored bone charm locations guide

Mission 3: House of Pleasure

Bone Charm 3-1

In the Distillery District, directly across from where Griff is, blink up to the rooftop and there will be some assassins there to take out. Deal with them however you like and then blink up to the open window above. Once inside, you will need to break down the boards blocking the doorway and kill the Weeper inside. Once down, grab the bone charm off the table.

Bone Charm 3-2

At the end of the street in the Distillery District, there is a lower alley way where Weepers converge. In that alley, there is a door way which will take you down a corridor where Granny Rags will be wandering about. On the table to the right of the barricade and boarded up entrance will be another bone charm.

Bone Charm 3-3

To the left of the entrance to the Distillery, there is a barred room that you need to use the Distillery key to open. Grab the key from the table to the right of the entrance to the Distillery and open the door. Once open, the bone charm will be directly in front of you, on the couch there.

Bone Charm 3-4

When you enter the Distillery and talk to Slackjaw in the basement, he will ask you to check on a fellow in Dr. Galvani’s building. Go to the lab on the top floor and grab the card on the table beside the corpse. Take it back to Slackjaw and he will give you a key to the Captain’s Chair Hotel. Use that entrance to get to the Golden Cat by entering the door near the end of the main street and follow the hallway to the stairs. Just to the left, there will be a mattress on the ground with the bone charm beside it.

Bone Charm 3-5

Once you are inside the Golden Cat, go to the second floor by using the main stair case and turn around to see an opening archway at the top. Blink through and then go down the stairs and enter the door to the left to find a woman there. Take the key off her belt and then head back up the stairs and go through the locked door on the left. In this room, you can now grab the bone charm on the wall to the right in the frame.