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Dishonored bone charm locations guide

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

Bone Charm 2-1

Right at the beginning of the mission when you arrive on the bridge to the Distillery District, make your way to the closed door. Hop off the side of the bridge to land on the pipes there and sneak around to the other side where you will find this charm on a sofa next to a body.

Bone Charm 2-2

Once you have found Griff and killed the guards in front of his building, enter the doorway and then blink up to the second floor through the hole in the ceiling. On the table there will be there charm along with some books.

Bone Charm 2-3

Once you enter the Distillery, make your way to the far end and enter the door there to come to a room with kegs lining the walls. Blink your way up the kegs that are protruding until you reach the rafter beam above. On it, you will find the bone charm.

Bone Charm 2-4

Once you enter the Backyard on your way to meet Samuel, go to the far left of the area and blink to the rooftops. Here you will find an open window where the bars have been broken. Go through and then you will need to either blink down or climb the chains down, but stay off the ground to avoid the rats. The bone charm is in the vice on the table at the edge of the room. Open the vice and then grab the charm from the ground and then exit the room via the chain.

Bone Charm 2-5

For the final bone charm of this mission, go to the building in the far right corner from where you enter and there will be a note about needing a handle to open the door. You can either get the handle from the workshop on the right side of the Backyard area, or just go around to the rear of the building and break through the board covered window to get the bone charm inside.