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Destiny 2: Black Armory Mysterious Datapad quest guide - How to clear Lost Souvenir

If you've finished - or gotten reasonably far in - the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest, you've also picked up the Destiny 2 Mysterious Datapad. The datapad is the key item for a separate quest, and while it doesn't get you a high-powered railgun, its reward is quite cool, and it's well worth doing. In some ways, it's also more complicated than the quest for Izanagi's Burden, so we've put together a step-by-step guide to help you crack it. 

How to solve the Mysterious Datapad riddle 

The Mysterious Datapad comes with a riddle which will bring you to Niobe Labs. This area is located in the southernmost reaches of the EDZ, so set down at the Outskirts and head south past the Sojourner's Camp over a broken bridge. But before you go to the labs, make sure you have the following Black Armory weapons: the Hammerhead machine gun, Spiteful Fang bow, and the Tatara Gaze sniper rifle. You can get these weapons by unlocking the first three Forges, and you'll need all three to shoot the symbols found inside Niobe Labs. You'll also need Izanagi's Burden or, failing that, a friend who has it.

Once you make your way to the heart of Niobe Labs, look for a lever under the central platform. This will activate the mission Lost Souvenir, in which you'll need to shoot seven symbols in the right order with the correct weapons. The order is:

  •  Shoot paper with bow  
  •  Shoot stormcloud with machine gun 
  •  Shoot temple with sniper rifle  
  •  Shoot sunrise with bow 
  •  Shoot star with machine gun 
  •  Shoot hand with machine gun 
  •  Shoot Black Armory symbol with sniper rifle  

The symbols are scattered around the main room, so refer to this video from YouTuber Esoterickk if you're having trouble finding them: 

When you finish the symbol sequence, waves of Taken enemies will start spawning, including Taken Knights equipped with kinetic shields which can only be damaged by Izanagi's Burden. Normal weapons can damage them once their shields are down, and if you give them time to regen they'll only regain Black Armory drone shields, but you will need Izanagi's Burden to kill them. 

How to get Forge Essence 

Clear out the Taken and you'll move onto the next step, which requires Forge Essence. To obtain this, you'll need to complete the Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia Forges while wearing a full set of Black Armory armor and three Black Armory weapons. You already have the weapons, so no worries there, and if you're missing some armor, buy some Forge Polymers from Ada-1 for six Black Armory Schematics and 10 Legendary Shards apiece. These guarantee armor drops on successful Forge completions and will speed up your armor grind considerably - though you'll still be at the mercy of RNG.

Once you're properly geared, grind out all four Forges to earn the Obsidian Dreams emblem and one Obsidian Accelerator. You can trade this with Ada-1 for Obsidian Radiance which can be used to modify your Black Armory weapons and slightly buff the damage they deal in the Forges. You can also obtain additional Obsidian Radiance by completing more Forges, though they won't have the same special effect as the first Accelerator - which I won't spoil, because it's really cool.  

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