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Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

Earth, Part 2

Boatman Coin #80

(Earth, B1) It’s virtually impossible to miss this coin as you head north through the tunnel.

Soul Arbiters Scroll #16

(Earth, 1st fl) There’s a small hidden room to your left as you emerge from B1 that is southwest of the second rod piece. Check the wall inside for some writing.

Book of the Dead Page #32

(Earth, B1) After nabbing the second rod piece, you’ll end up on the lower street with some of the Hellguard. Check behind one of the cars on your left for a page.

Boatman Coin #81

(Earth, B1) Before passing through the barrier that Uriel opens for you, check the right side between the red crystals and the building.

Trapped Hellguard #8

(Earth, 1st fl) After defeating the second Noss, continue west down the road until it ends. Look down to find a trapped hellguard among the rubble.

Stone of Mystics #31

(Earth, 1st fl) As you head north up the bridge, you’ll notice a chunk is missing to your left. Pass it, then turn around and look down at the bridge support column.

Boatman Coin #82

(Earth, 1st fl) As you continue north, look for a small room to your left. There’s a coin inside.

Trapped Hellguard #9

(Earth, 2nd fl) After passing under the bridge support arch, turn around and look up to spot a trapped hellguard.

Relic of Etu-Goth #12

(Earth, 3rd fl) As you pass through the 3rd floor building, make sure to turn around after looting the chest and grab this relic from the rubble.

Stone of Power #17

(Earth, 2nd fl) As you go from the 3rd floor to the second, you should notice this stone high on the north wall.

Boatman Coin #83

(Earth, 2nd fl) Much like the previous relic, you’ll need to turn around to your left to find this coin among some rubble as you move north.

Trapped Hellguard #10

(Earth, 2nd fl) You can’t miss this one. It’s in the last room before you exit back onto the street. Make sure to speak to Uriel for your reward.


Normally we’d leave it to you to trade your Book of the Dead chapters in to Vulgrim and use his keys to unlock the treasure-filled Death Tombs. However, the third Death Tomb has two Boatman Coins in it! Provided you have at least 30 pages by now (and you should), visit Vulgrim and sell them to him. He’ll give you the key(s). The third Death Tomb is that circular spot in the west of Lostlight.

Boatman Coins #84 and 85

(Third Death Tomb) Enter the tomb and grab the treasure inside. As you leave, use your Deathgrip to nab the floating coins on either side of the door.


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