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Cyber Monday projector deals 2021 - all available deals

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Epson EF-12

(Image credit: Epson)

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Black Friday is now behind us, which means we’re turning our attention to the best Cyber Monday projector deals. If you’re in the market for the best projector for gaming, or, perhaps more specifically, the best projector for PS5, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re simply keen to switch from the best gaming TV and want to explore your options, and while the best QLED TVs and best OLED TVs can transform your gaming and home cinema experiences, the best Cyber Monday projector deals can rival more conventional offerings with some wonderful wall-hugging hardware. 

As ever, we’ll keep updating our list of the best Cyber Monday projector deals throughout, and have included a helpful FAQ for those considering the switch. Read on for that, and likewise check out our best projector screen guide before parting with your cash.      

Cyber Monday projector deals  available now 



Cyber Monday projector deals in the US

Epson EF-100 | $1,000

Epson EF-100 | $1,000 $849.99 at Dell
Save $150 - This is a solid 15% discount on a great mini projector that's stylish as well as a provider of excellent images. The black and copper finish makes the unit stand out, and the Epson MicroLaser Array Technology means the pictures are incredibly bright and punchy.

Epson Home Cinema 1080 | $750

Epson Home Cinema 1080 | $750 $649.99 at Dell
Save $100 - Not only are you getting a god chunk of a great projector here, but this deal also sees you get a free $100 Dell eGift Card - that sweetens the deal. The projector itself is a fine model offering good connectivity and a fine 1080p resolution and great image quality.

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | $6,500

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | $6,500 $4,999.99 at Samsung
Save $1,500 - This is a solid deal for those looking for the best from one of the best screen providers in the game. The discount is pretty mega too and is more than 20% hacked off the list price

XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector | $599.99

XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector | $599.99 $499.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - As another compact portable projector from XGIMI that's easy to set up in any room, the Pro model has a sizable discount right now that's absolutely worth a look. Offer up a 1080p display with built-in battery, it also features Chromecast and Android TV 9.0 support. 

XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector | $799

XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector | $799 $649.99 at Amazon
Save $149 - Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Mogo Pro+ Projector is easy to set up anywhere - making it a great outdoor option you can pick up for less. With a full HD 1080p display, you also control it with ease from your iOS or Android device. 

Cyber Monday projector deals in the UK

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | £6,999

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | £6,999 £4,999 at Samsung
Save £2,000 - The same premium projector is available at a big discount on the UK's side of the Atlantic too. At this price, it's a bit easier to stomach, but for those waiting for a premium option to get its price hacked this is it.

ViewSonic M2e | £549

ViewSonic M2e | £549 £415 at Amazon
Save £134 - Also down to its lowest ever price, the 'e' variant of the M2 is also a great option. Its 1080p picture is great, and it also has a strong feature set, including Harmon Kardon speakers built-in.

ViewSonic M2 | £599

ViewSonic M2 | £599 £522 at Amazon
Save £77 - This smart portable monitor is at its lowest ever price from Amazon right now and is a great option for those who value quality, features, and portability, all in one sweet, and cool, projector.

ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K projector | £899

ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K projector | £899 £728 at Amazon
Save £171 - What's that? A quality 4K gaming projector from a recognised brand for less than £750? Yes, please. Plus it is this projector's lowest ever price so there's never been a better time to get it. A great deal.

PHILIPS NeoPix Easy NPX440 Mini Projector | £89.99 at Currys

PHILIPS NeoPix Easy NPX440 Mini Projector | £89.99 at Currys
A compact and affordable device capable of turning any wall into a screen. With less than a kilo of weight, it is a great solution if you need a reliable projector to carry places or put away easily. Place it anywhere you like and enjoy the high-quality image reproduction sized up to 80 inches. With its built-in stereo speakers, you don't need any other accessory for a complete screening experience.

LG Electronics CineBeam PH30N LED Projector | £339

LG Electronics CineBeam PH30N LED Projector | £339 £269.00 at Amazon
Save £69 - With it's sleek, small design, the CineBeam from LG fits easily into any room and offers up a great at-home cinema experience. Projectable on any surface in up 100 inches, you can connect wirelessly using your smartphone or via USB. 

Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector | £549.99

Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector | £549.99 £399.99 at Very
Save £150 -
This fantastic saving on Anker's Nebula Capsule II will get you a very capable little projector for less. With Chromecast, Android TV 9.0, USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI support, the Casuple II also features a 1-second auto-focus function that can adjust to the surface you're projecting onto. 

Where will the best Cyber Monday projector deals be?

As we say, this very webpage should be a handy tool when the sales kicks in, but it's going to be the usual suspects online going big and hard with the best Cyber Monday projector deals. If you fancy looking now or swotting up on some retailers' listings, then these are the pages to look at.


Amazon: Always the best choice for a first stop when hunting projectors
Best Buy:
Price matches and will have a wide selection on offer
Dell: Stocks mainly Epson models
Samsung: Go straight to the makers of the Premiere projectors
Has a decent range of projectors
Brick-and-mortar stores offer collection while stock online is wide


Amazon: A solid first port of call for projector deals
Samsung: The source of the Premiere projector series
Very: Always a solid retailer option, and will have decent offers all winter
The UK's favourite electronics retailer will have a bunch of offers
Argos: Offers same-day delivery, and has good stock
John Lewis: Get a generous warranty with your projector
Offers loads of units from a whole host of brands
Ebuyer: The PC specialist retailer also has a great range of projectors

When will the Cyber Monday projector deals start?

The Cyber Monday projector deals will be on Monday, November 29 this year. This is when, Black Friday aside, we expect to see the biggest price cuts. However, such is the trend of the sales season, and because Black Friday has a few days before, we'd expect to see loads of retailers smashing out the deals and price cuts well before Cyber Monday itself. In fact, there's likely to be a steady stream of deals available to peruse and take advantage of from mid-to-late October onwards.

Should I wait for the Cyber Monday projector deals?

In all honesty, and as we head into November from late October: no, do not wait specifically for the Cyber Monday projector deals.

The deals that happen on Cyber Monday are well worth keeping in the back pocket, so to speak, as backups just in case you fancy rolling the dice to see if a particular projector gets its price cut, or if you missed out on Black Friday's deals altogether for whatever reason. We always say that it's best to expect the biggest, baddest price cuts to come during the Blac Friday week and the Friday itself so aim for those, but keep the CYber Monday as a safety net, just in case. 

Cyber Monday projector deals: what to expect

Samsung Premiere LSP9T

(Image credit: Samsung)

As with Black Friday that precedes it, it's a little difficult to be absolutely precise on what exact Cyber Monday projector deals will come our way, and what models in particular will be the stars of the show. This is because of the sheer breadth of the market now and the unbelievable amount of projector types and specs available.

However, we'd definitely want to keep an eye on the biggest beasts of the day, the Samsung Premiere range. The two projectors in this series, the LSP9T and LSP7T, made a splash in the projector market when they were released at the end of last year, and they really are some of the most premium, high-end, exquisite picture-givers you can get. The price of the more affordable LSP7T has already seen some price fluctuation, and so this could be in for a great big price cut this sales season. Sure, a $500 discount at multiple times this year has softened the blow of its $3,500 list price, but we are hoping for something bigger and better, and possibly a price that will beat its lowest ever cost of $2,800 that came during this year's Prime Day in June. 

Given it'll be nearly a year from the Premieres' original release when the Cyber Monday projector deals kick in, such price cuts on top-end models are decent predictions.

It'll also be worth tracking the price of newer models as this will be their first sales season. Thus, we're almost certainly going to see record low prices for units, and it'll mark the best time to snap them up. Look out for models like the BenQ X1300i, the slightly older BenQ GV1 portable projector, and the Epson EF-12.

Today's best deals

Epson EF-12

(Image credit: Epson)

If you'd prefer to begin your research right now - or even try your luck and see if you can find a deal-worthy price - then we have you covered. Below are some of the latest and best prices on some top projectors. These will automatically update so you know you're seeing up-to-date information. The Cyber Monday projector deals are likely to best most prices from October, but, you never know, you might well find a great price right now.

Projectors won't be the only things discounted this coming Cyber Monday though Check out our predictions for the upcoming Cyber Monday Samsung TV deals, Cyber Monday 4K monitor deals, and Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals for more screen-based info.

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