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Conchords creator for Muppets?

We know that muppets are toothless, but the last few movies from our furry friends have been decidedly lacking in bite.

That could all change with their next big screen venture.

With Jason Segel having co-written the new muppet film with Forgetting Sarah Marshall buddy Nicholas Stoller, Flight of the Conchords co-creator James Bobin is apparently Disney’s favourite to nab the director’s chair.

According to Vulture , a Disney insider said that “the movie is James’ to direct — if he wants it.”

Sounds like just the sort of new blood that a muppets flick needs to be injected with.

And if Bobin turns down the offer, might we suggest Mighty Boosh ’s Paul King?

We can just see it now: moody, adult humour, lots of intricate miniatures, a plot involving Kermit smoking a bad joint and entering a dream world where Miss Piggy is a giant and Gonzo is some kind of gun-toting renegade…

Happy for Bobin to take the reigns?