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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 7 - Rise & Fall

Collectible #33 - NRC Helmet

As soon as you finish your tour of Ramses Station with Khalil, head over to the table to your right, In front of a set of screens you’ll see an NRC Helmet just waiting to be added to your collection.

Collectible #34 - Broken Stained Glass

As soon as the NRC assault begins, head into the main room of the station (a VTOL with crash through the ceiling as you approach). Turn left and go up the escalators. At the top, turn right and you’ll see a large, red-tinged container. In between the container and the wall is a table - on that table is a piece of Broken Stained Glass.

Collectible #35 - NRC Propaganda Poster

After boarding a truck with Hendricks and Khalil you’ll soon find your way barred by a portable wall. Once you’re off the truck and back in control, go through the small door that opens to your left. Turn left immediately and you’ll see a NRC Propaganda Poster on the wall.

Collectible #36 - Officer's Military Sword

On your way to Abdeen Palace you’ll move through a dimly lit building before emerging onto some brightly lit rooftops. Head to the right, mopping up any NRC soldiers as you go and head into through a hole in the wall to your right. Move down the darkened staircase and out into a room with circular rug, and greenish sofa. An Officer’s Military Sword will be on a dresser to the left.

Collectible #37 - Piece of Broken Statue

After fighting your way across a large courtyard, you’ll make your way into a burning building. You’ll soon soon come across a crashed VTOL. Turn right before the VTOL to find a Piece of Broken Statue on a table.

Collectible #38 - Etched Glass Bottle

After you emerge from the fallen VTOL, run to the right-hand side of the area, through a blasted open entrance and up a gold-lined staircase. At the top of the staircase, turn right, then left, then left again. In front of a large vase you’ll find an Etched Glass Bottle.

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