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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 4 - Provocation

Collectible #17 - Gangster Bling

As soon as the mission starts, you’ll see three buildings divided by two alleyways. Jump down to the ground and head right - the blue building on the far-right is the one you’re looking for. Head into the open garage and you’ll find some Gangster Bling on top of a red generator.

Collectible #18 - Supertree Souvenir

After picking up Collectible #17, head down the far-right alley. After dispatching a Warlord, move towards a neon sign with four characters in red. Head through a small gap to the left of this stand and you’ll see a Supertree Souvenir on a table.

Collectible #19 - Dud Slave Collar

After leaping over a short gap towards a building with a flashing neon sign on one side, take an immediate left and head into the doorway. Head up one flight of stairs and you’ll a Dud Slave Collar propped up on a table to your right.

Collectible #20 - Antique Vase

When you reach a pile of broken cargo containers, Kane will ask you if you want to go left or right. Go right, climb up into the orange container, turn left, then left again before crossing a small bridge with barriers on either side. At the end of this bridge you’ll see an Antique Vase sat on the lip of a blue container.

Collectible #21 - Mineral

As soon as Kane mentions the Wraith, and how you shouldn’t engage it, head up the stairs to the upper floor (it’ll have lots of a giant stone column covered in ivy in the middle). Just before the column, you’ll see a display cabinet with a light inside. Head to the other side of it to collect a Mineral.

Collectible #22 - Bullet Shell Necklack

After crossing the bridge leading to the burning Supertree, take the left path (the ‘exterior’ path). Head up the staircase - instead of taking the Z-Trak in front of you, take the one behind you and to your left. Once on the left-hand side of the map, move up the stairs and make your way across the bridge. On the other side, take the stairs to your left that lead to the lower floor. On top of a white container you’ll find a Bullet Shell Necklace.

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