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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 3 - In Darkness

Collectible #11 - Broken Respirator

After the cutscene with exploding collar you’ll have a firefight with a bunch of normal enemies and one tough Warlord. Once they’re all toast, head towards the big rubble pile then enter the the doorway on your left, On the other side of the partition you’ll find a Broken Respirator waiting for you.

Collectible #12 - Urn with Incense Sticks

After anchoring your way through the water surge section, you’ll turn right and see a large apartment building across another flooded area. Move through the water (watching out for a couple more surges), then head around the right-hand side of the building. Hop the fence and you’ll see an Urn with Incense Sticks.

Collectible #13 - Child's Toy

After leaping from the crashing tanker, you’ll find yourself at the entrance of a submerged subway. Head down into the water and follow the path around to the right. Now keep swinging straight on into the blue seaweed and you’ll find a Child’s Toy on a bench below you.

Collectible #14 - Warlord's Helmet

Following the underwater sequence, you’ll assault a lounge bar with a bunch of robots outside (there’s a huge ‘51’ written on the wall as soon as you enter the building). Clear the room, then head to the far end of the ground floor. Go through the double doors and turn left. You’ll find a Warlord’s Helmet in a room with candles.

Collectible #15 - Fu Dog Figurine

After speaking with Kane, you’ll head towards the compound with Hendricks. Before heading inside, turn right and follow a red staircase to the top. Turn right, take a run-up and leap over the gap to the building on the other side. Head through the room and into the next - a Fu Dog Figurine waits for you on the dresser to your immediate left.

Collectible #16 - Therapy Session Recording

Once you meet back up with Kane in the blacksite, head up the stairs that head around to the right. When you reach the top, bear left and you’ll find a Therapy Session Recording on a table. Nab it to complete the collectibles for this mission.

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