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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 2 - New World

Collectible #6 - Defective Robot Hand

After the destroying the generator, head through the same route you followed as a drone (through the big room with the girders and turn left into the refinery). You’ll see a wall of fire where you shot one of the hot metal containers. On the other side, in front of another spilled container, is a Defective Robot Hand.

Collectible #7 - Bomb Detonation Cap

During the third section of this mission, you’ll start off in a robot-filled train station. Take out the first few droids then head up the staircase to your left. It’ll lead to a dead end, but in front of an overturned bin you’ll see a Bomb Detonation Cap.

Collectible #8 - Model Maglev Train

When you reach a large, multi-storey room with a train carriage at the back you’ll have a big firefight with a bunch of robots and human enemies. When they’re all cleared, head down the stairs to the lower floor and cross to the far end of the room. At the back you’ll find a Model Maglev Train on some shelving.

Collectible #9 - Premium Liquor

During the train section, you’ll drop through a glass roof into a carriage. Once you regain control of your avatar, head into the next carriage where you’ll see a bar. Take out the robot with your Takedown ability, then hop over the bar to collect your well-earned Premium Liquor.

Collectible #10 - Train Pass

A couple of carriages into the train section, you’ll find yourself in a carriage with stairwells on either side. Deal with the robots that drop down then make your way to the upper floor. Head to the left and you’ll see a Train Pass on the empty window seat of the front two chairs.

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