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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 10 - Lotus Towers

Collectible #47 - Hamsa

As soon as Khalil takes you up to the upper levels of the Lotus Towers, head across to a shop with a yellow bar of lights across its top. Inside and on a wall to the left you’ll find a Hamsa.

Collectible #48 - Taylor's Insignia

After moving through the vents, assault the control room with the orange screens. When all of the NRC guards have been taken care of, head towards the lockers on the left-hand side of the room. You’ll find Taylor's Insignia inside one of the lockers.

Collectible #49 - Hookah

As soon as you seen an Egyptian soldier run over by a robot ball of serrated death, turn left and head up the blue-tinted stairs to the right.Turn left at the top and you’ll find a Hookah sat on the table at the end.

Collectible #50 - Wall Hung Carpet

After crossing the half-destroyed skybridge, climb up the rubble and you’ll see a blue sign on its side. Turn 180 degrees and head across the roof of the area you just crossed. Halfway across, underneath a rail you’ll find a Wall Hung Carpet.

Collectible #51 - Decorative Lantern

After moving up a collapsed tunnel, you’ll emerge onto another burning platform. Run past the shorted-out robot charging station, turn right and rum up the short ramp. Behind a partition to your immediate left you’ll find a Decorative Lantern on the floor.

Collectible #52 - Melted Robot Part

After leaving Hendricks behind to fend off the robots, head up to the roof to confront Taylor. Once the giant ship starts attacking you, take the right-hand exit out of the room you resume control in and head for the ruins in front of you. On the floor in front of a destroyed console you’ll find a Melted Robot Part.

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