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Call of Duty 2 Cheats

If you can't get enough of WWII, Call of Duty 2 is a hot ticket.

Call of Duty 2 FAQs

Call of Duty 2 Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by gagaga

    Unlimited Ammo

    Left,Left,Left,Right,Left,Right,Yellow,Yellow - Unlimited Ammo

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Ricardo Morales Jr

    Unlock All Levels

    On the mission select screen.

    Hold the left and right bumpers then quickly input Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y.

  • PC | Submitted by Farshad Hosseini

    Alternate Cheat Activation Instructions

    1- Enabled console item from game 's option.
    2- Run selected mission.
    3- Hit tilde key(~) in game.
    4- Insert seta thereisacow "1337" and then press ENTER key.
    5- Insert spdevmap [mission name] for example eldaba , beltot , breakout and etc and then press ENTER key. Your mission will be restarted and run with cheats enabled. When playing, drop down the dev-console and enter the codes you want to use.

  • PC | Submitted by Witto

    Level Names

    Use one of the following entries with the map code to advance to the indicated level.

    88 Ridge: 88ridge
    Armored Car Escape: toujane_ride
    Assault On Matmata: matmata
    Bergstein: bergstein
    Comrade Sniper: downtown_sniper
    Crusader Charge: libya
    Defending The Pointe: duhoc_defend
    Demolition: demolition
    Downtown Assault: downtown_assault
    El Alamein: elalamein
    Holding The Line: decoytown
    Prisoners Of War: beltot
    Railroad Station No. 1: trainyard
    Rangers Lead The Way: hill400_assault
    Red Army Training: moscow
    Repairing The Wire: tankhunt
    Retaking Toujane: toujane
    Stalingrad City Hall: cityhall
    The Battle For Hill 400: hill400_defend
    The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc: duhoc
    The Brigade Box: breakout
    The Crossing Point: rhine
    The Crossroads: crossroads
    The Diversionary Raid: decoytrenches
    The End Of The Beginning: eldaba
    The Silo: silotown
    The Tiger: newvillers

  • PC | Submitted by HsT_sLeEpY

    Mission Set Names

    Use one of the following entries with the /seta code to unlock the corresponding set of missions.

    Crossing The Rhine: mis_10 9
    D-Day: mis_07 9
    Fortress Stalingrad: mis_04 9
    Hill 400: mis_09 9
    Not One Step Backwards!: mis_03 9
    Rommel's Last Stand: mis_06 9
    The Battle For Caen: mis_08 9
    The Battle Of El Alamein: mis_02 9
    The Tank Squadrons: mis_05 9
    The Winter War: mis_01 9

  • PC | Submitted by Witto

    Cheat Codes

    Select "Game Options" at the main menu, then choose the option to enable the console. Press ~ (tilde) to display the console window then enter developer 1 as a command to enable cheat mode. The "Load" button will now appear. Click it and select the desired level. After the level loads, press ~ (tilde) to display the console window again, then enter devmap as a command. Press ~ (tilde) during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

    Note: Some people may have trouble with the devmap command not enabling cheats. If this happens, use the devmap command with the name of the map you are on to activate the cheats. For example: devmap moscow will start you on the Moscow level with cheats enabled. You can then use the other codes. This will always start you at the beginning of the level.

    Code/ Result
    god - God Mode
    give all - All Weapons, Ammo, Health, Armor
    give ammo - Refill Ammo
    noclip - No Clipping Mode
    ufo - Flight Mode
    notarget - Toggle Enemy AI
    jumptonode - Teleport to Node
    jump_height 128 - Moon jump (jump_height 39 for default)
    timescale .25 - Slow motion (timescale 1 for default)
    map [name] - Jump to Map (See List)
    /seta [name] - Mission Set Select (See List)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Gameplay Hints

    When in close quarters combat you should use submachine guns and then only smaller submachine guns dont lug around a huge Bren LMG use the tompson

    When using rifles try for ones with a scope

    When using pistols get close and aim for head shots

    Be Wary. when using the but of your weapon it takes a little while for the butt to come back it depends on the size of the gun and for you to use the gun also when crawling u cant shoot while u move

    ALWAYS make sure you have a full clip and NEVER rush into an area haphazardly! look carefully in areas behind doors and such.

Call of Duty 2 Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Scrotum Connoisseur

    Achievements List

    Completed Training (50 points)
    Complete the Basic Training Level

    Veteran of Crossing the Rhine (60 points)
    Complete Crossing the Rhine levels on Veteran

    Veteran of D-Day (60 points)
    Complete D-Day levels on Veteran

    Veteran of El Alamein (60 points)
    Complete El Alamein levels on Veteran

    Veteran of Fortress Stalingrad (60 points)
    Complete Fortress Stalingrad levels on Veteran

    Veteran of Hill 400 (60 points)
    Complete Hill 400 levels on Veteran

    Veteran of Rommel's Last Stand (60 points)
    Complete Rommel's Last Stand levels on Veteran

    Veteran of Stalingrad '42 (60 points)
    Complete Stalingrad '42 levels on Veteran

    Veteran of The Battle for Caen (60 points)
    Complete The Battle for Caen levels on Veteran

    Veteran of The Tank Squadrons (60 points)
    Complete The Tank Squadrons levels on Veteran

    Veteran of the Winter War (60 points)
    Complete Winter War levels on Veteran

    Won the War (150 points)
    Complete the game on any difficulty with all levels complete

    War Hardened (200 points)
    Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran with all levels complete

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by mr.c


    You must beat the game to unlock various cheat codes.

Call of Duty 2 Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Difcan

    Winter War on Veteran

    After the tanks roll over your head, you will be forced into the building that you are supposed to defend. Don't go upstairs and get the sniper rifle, instead turn left and exit the hole in the basement wall. Then walk through the trench to the next building. From there you will see the Germans behind their smoke. They will actually all charge right at you, (probably 30 of them) just throw all your grenades first then clean up the rest with the sub machine gun.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by drlgamer

    The "Golden Gun" of Call of Duty 2

    Mission: the battle for Caen, the crossroads

    Go to the mission The Battle for Caen. Then select The Crossroads. When everyone runs out stay still. Look to your right and there will be a small table with a lamp. Walk to it and there will be a pistol on it. It is called the Webely. It has a 6 round magazine with 12 extra rounds. It will make you run fast with any weapon and it kills with one shot anywhere you shoot!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by biggee smalls

    Scoped KAR98

    the hill 400 level

    To get this most powerful longrange German weapon you need to go to the hill 400 level. Take out the first bunker, keep walking through the trench, pass the ladder and you'll see a glowing yellow spot on a door. Go up to it and set a bomb on the door and stand back. The door will blow open. The Scoped kAR98 is in the room.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TORNADO STORM

    Blind Shootout

    Any small arena in a level

    Go to an arena-like area with a weapon that has a smoke grenade. Have everybody throw a smoke grenade. Let the smoke cover the area then rush in and kill everybody. Not the most fun game (it sounds kinda stupid), but fun for a couple of rounds.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Camo Carnage

    Find the Scoped Gewer

    You can find this weird wepon on the Hill 400 level. I am pretty sure it is in the Third bunker you have to clear out ( it has a lot of green coats in it, if that helps). First, kill all of the krauts in the bunker then rumage through the dead bodies till you find it. It can sometimes be mistaken for a Scoped Kar98k, so look closely. It has a good scope and fires real quick, so it is a great wepon for that insane level.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Loganator

    Beating Veteran

    Beating veteran on COD 2 is tough, but its not impossible. The key to winning is simply patience. There is a lot of sitting around and a lot of dying and trying again. Never stand, you will die, just crouch and the Nazis will have trouble picking you off. Now you can only hold two weapons. Choose wisely because you want a gun that the enemy has, so getting ammo is not a problem. Make this gun your automatic weapon. The Lee-Enfeild is the best rifle by far, so when you have the chance, get it, because it rocks. Also it is important to use plenty of smoke and frag grenades frequently. They are abundant so running out is not a problem, unlike many other FPS titles. Grenades are good because they allow you to move around willingly while your foe is either ducked for cover or lost in a haze of smoke. Well those are very basic guidelines on your way to success in COD 2 on veteran.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Shadow

    Secret Weapon

    "Aproaching Hill 400"

    Near the church, one of your allies will die no matter what. His weapon should be an m1a1 carbine. This is a quick-shooting rifle that reloads slow, but it's worth it. Usually Pvt. Domiguez drops it.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by CorpseMaker

    Frag Grenade Tips

    When you throw a grenade into a group of enemies they throw it back towards you or kick it away. To make sure they dont pick it up and throw it shoot off a couple rounds over thier heads to keep them occupied.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Ryan Fan

    How To Get Gamer Points

    There are 1,000 possible points you can earn in Call of Duty 2.

    Complete training mode: 50 points
    Veteran Of Crossing the Rhine: 60 points
    Veteran Of D-Day: 60 points
    Veteran Of El Alamein: 60 points
    Veteran Of Fortress Stalingrad: 60 points
    Veteran Of Hill 400: 60 points
    Veteran Of Rommel's Last Stand: 60 points
    Veteran Of Stalingrad 42: 60 points
    Veteran Of the Battle for Caen: 60 points
    Veteran Of the Tank Squadrons: 60 points
    Veteran Of the Winter War: 60 points
    Won The War (game completed): 150 points
    War Hardened (game completed on Hard or Veteran): 200 points

Call of Duty 2 Glitches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by jake

    Dead Men Talk

    Sometimes when you kill a German while he is talking, his mouth will keep moving after he's dead.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by SKK

    Shooting Spot at Graveyard

    Go the the location with the huge church and head over to the small hut in the graveyard.

    If you jump on top of both of the boxes, keep jumping toward the window while pushing the main toggle stick to the right. After a couple tries, you'll be on the other side. Jump on the tractor and onto the building. Great shooting spot if you stay low. If you decide to jump into the blue part to your left, you'll die. It's pretty much impossible to not notice that you can see through the hut. If they stick they're gun through the window, shoot it a few times, and they should be dead.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Ray Dawgz

    Hidden Room Glitches

    To get the invisible room,you have to go to one of the France levels and go to a building. Jump on top of the window with the machine gun. Jump a few times and you'll be in the room. You can see the whole board and people cant see you.

    The unstopable ladder is in Matmata,Tunisia. There be two ladders to a building with a dome top. you need two people to do this.One person stays at the top of the ladder while one climbs up. When they are at the same level the person at the top of the ladder moves up too.You'll be climbing a fake ladder in mid-air and fall in the dome. In it you'll be unstopable. Kind of like the invisible room.

Call of Duty 2 Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get the Commissar Angry

    On the first stage, rather than shooting the teddy bears, shoot bottles and plates. Shoot four of them and the commissar will kill you.