Braid walkthrough

World 6: Hesitance

6 -1 – The Pit?

There are no puzzle pieces in this level, but you can try out your new time-warping power. Hit Y to create a bubble in which time slows. Head across the gap to the exit.

6-2 – There and Back Again

Climb the grating and press Y to create a bubble next to the locked door where a barricade is falling. Make your way to the top and grab the key, being wary of monstars and a bunny lying in wait at the top. Go back down and unlock the door. Exit the level.

6-3 – Phase?

Hop from cloud to cloud, creating time bubbles on each to get them close enough that you can jump to the next one. Be aware that you can only delete bubbles from inside of them, so do that as you go by hitting Y. Grab the puzzle piece above the cannon, and hop down and make your way to the right.

Climb the grating to the very top platform and make a bubble next to the flower. Go down a level and hop the clouds to the next puzzle piece; the bubble will slow things down and allow you to traverse the moving platforms. Exit the level.

6-4 – Cascade

Walk to the right, climb the ladder, and go left to where monstars are shooting out of a cannon. Create a bubble just to the left of the door below, and jump on two slowed monstars in succession to reach the platform above. Grab the puzzle piece and hop back down, getting rid of the bubble. Make your way to the right of the ladder you used before, and create a bubble at the very end of the platform. Hop on a falling monstar from above to reach the platform with the cannon above you. Then jump onto a slowed monstar in the bubble below to reach the platform to the right where the key is. Grab the key and get rid of the bubble.

Hop down and across to the cannon on the far right. Place a bubble directly above it. With the projectiles slowed, you can hop on a monstar from the platform across from you and grab the puzzle piece. Then rewind and get rid of the bubble. Head to the next lowest platform and use the boost from jumping on a monstar to reach the cannon stationed in midair to the left. Create a bubble on top of it. Being wary of slowed projectiles, head to the locked door to the left, hit the lever, and make your way back out. Climb the ladder and walk left past the monstar cannon; jump down to get the puzzle piece above the entrance. Make your way all the way to the right to exit.

6-5 – Impassable Foliage

First, create a time bubble slightly to the right of the entrance to kill the monstars and psycho bunny before they become problems. (You don’t have to make a bubble to do this, but it might make it easier.) Get rid of the bubble and climb the first ladder on your right. Create another bubble directly underneath the snapping plant, and climb the ladder to the right. Head left, and avoiding the monstars, get on the moving platform to grab the puzzle piece. Go back to the bubble and get rid of it.

Climb the ladder next to you again, this time heading right. Make a bubble underneath the first plant to the right, and use your rewind ability to direct two monstars safely across. This can be a little tricky, so be patient. When two are safely beyond the last plant, get rid of the bubble.

After they fall down, jump on both in succession to the platform with the puzzle piece again. Since they’re glowing green and unaffected by time, you’ll have to do this in one try or start the whole process over. Grab the puzzle piece and exit on the bottom right.

6-6 – Elevator Action

To the right is a series of ladders, platforms, cannons, and projectiles; start climbing and make your way to the very top. You shouldn’t have to use the time bubble to do so. Hit the lever and jump onto the lowering platform to the left. There’s a bunny waiting to pop out where the key is, so kill that and grab the key. Hit the lever, go back up, and use a bubble on the edge of the right side of the moving platform. Hit the lever again and make your way down the ladders; the bubble will slow the cannons as it moves down, giving you safe passage. At the bottom, go left, jumping up to disable your bubble as you move. Climb the ladder next to the entrance and unlock the door to grab the puzzle piece.

Walk right, this time bypassing all the projectiles and staying on the bottom level. Climb the ladder near the exit door and place a time bubble on the platform with the lever. Flip the switch and the moving platforms should line up perfectly; stand on the far right side of the second platform, then rewind until it rises back to the top. Hop across the platforms to the right, avoiding projectiles, and grab the puzzle piece.

Fall back down to the lever platform and flip the switch again, then quickly delete the bubble and head back to the platform with the ladder. Create another bubble on the left side of this platform. Once again, go back and hit the switch, then make your way back to the bubble platform. Wait until the smaller platform is underneath the middle one, then clear the bubble, climb the ladder, and flip the switch above. Head down the ladder and up the ladder to the left that just fell. Stand on the small platform to the right and rewind until the ladder rises above you, then stop rewinding and put a bubble next to the ladder. Climb the ladder as it falls slowly to reach the puzzle piece above and to the left. Exit the level on the bottom right side.

6-7 – In Another Castle

Enter and climb the ladder to the right. Walk onto the platform next to the key and create a bubble; let it go for a few seconds, then delete it, go down the ladder, and continue over the pit of spikes to the right. At the cannon at the bottom of the next ladder, throw up a bubble to give yourself time to climb the ladder between projectiles. Once up top, stand on the glowing section of the floor, which will allow you to rewind without moving. Rewind until the bubble reappears on the platform on the other side and flip the lever.

Quickly run off the right side of the platform and make your way back to the pit of spikes. Jump over just as the key falls and delete the falling bubble. Again, use a bubble to slow the cannon and climb the ladder; this time, unlock the door and grab the puzzle piece. Walk off the platform again, this time continuing to the right for another flag and cryptic dinosaur message.