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The best user-created ships in Resogun

MG Solid Snake

Aww, it's ickle 8-bit Snake! He loves being called cute. And patted on the head.

Bullet Bill

There are a great many Bullet Bills in the list, but this one is actually 3D, so it wins.


Hate this thing. But it's a good likeness.


A really cool PlayStation ship, which even has the coloured AV out sockets on the back.

Rockin Raptor

It's a velociraptor, on a surfboard, playing guitar. What's not to like?

Grumpy Cat

Not looking too pleased at being turned into 3D pixel art.


"Hey, Fred".


It's Opa-Opa from Sega's classic Fantasy Zone. Get Ready!

Blue Falcon

F-Zero's iconic ship has never moved so slowly.


The King is back. Uh-huh.

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