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Rare, exclusive, or just awesome - the best Funko Pops you need right now

Best gaming Funko Pops 

Overwatch - D.Va 

Out of all the Funkos out there, this one is probably my personal favourite. Firstly, D.Va is obviously Overwatch’s best character (and I’m willing to have that claim written on my tombstone), both in terms of fighting ability and visual spectacle. Then there’s the fact that it’s a mini Funko Pop that can be placed inside a giant pink robot Funko Pop. Do I really need to go on? 

Buy it UK: £19.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $18.27 at Amazon


2017's Xbox exclusive Cuphead is sensational. A 2D sidescroller with some of the most amazing, cartoon-inspired visuals ever brought to console. Given how wonderful the art style is, you probably want some kind of real-world representation of the main character, right? Well, this Cuphead Pop is for you. It's already pretty rare, though, so expect to pay a little more for it.

Buy it UK: £31.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $29.90 at Amazon

Kingdom Hearts - Sora 

It probably took the Funko designers a while to get Sora’s wild hair just right but, by gum, they did it. And it’s not just the hair, either. That classic Kingdom Hearts costume and keyblade are in tip-top shape, and you can even laugh at Sora’s clown sized boots just like you did in the games, too. With Kingdom Hearts 3 on the way, this Funko could be a good way to keep you hopeful that Square Enix can deliver on the legacy of the franchise once more. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop in a Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

Destiny - Cayde-6 

In the space (pun intended) of four years, Cayde-6 has gone from fun but forgettable side character to one of the best things about Destiny, in part thanks to Nathan Fillion’s savvy performance as the Hunter Vanguard. His unique Exo-built facial features come out nicely as a Funko Pop, with those hand gestures perfectly positioned to suggest he’s making one of his usual sarcy, snarky wisecracks. No mini Funko chickens to be seen, sadly, but never say never...

Buy it UK: £10.80 at Amazon
Buy it US: $8.78 at Amazon

Fallout - Vault Boy 

This one makes sense in a lot of ways, as Vault Boy has been a bobblehead in the Fallout games long before Funko was ever a thing. Instead of collecting all those Vault Boy figurines in Fallout 4 for extra perks, though, why not go one step further with the real thing? It won’t give you extra health or boost your critical hit chance, annoyingly, but it will look damn good on your office desk. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

God of War - Kratos 

Funnily enough, Kratos looks far less threatening or angry when he’s boiled down into fun-sized Funko form. That’s not to say this little statuette doesn’t effectively convey the sheer badassery of the God of War, but he’s now just as cute as he is formidable. He’s even got his adorable little Blades of Chaos but, at that size, they’d hardly be able to slice through warm butter, let alone Greek titans. 

Buy it UK: £10.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $22.94 at Amazon

The Witcher 3 - Geralt 

Speaking of old, angry video game men (there’s a lot of them), it turns out that all the praise and adulation showered upon CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt did not go unnoticed by Funko, who duly released a series of Pops based on the wildly popular RPG. You can get Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, or Eredin if they’re more up your alley, but it’s Geralt who looks the best in my mind, brandishing his silver sword and clad in his famous chainmail armour to adopt a striking pose that’s sure to keep your shelves safe from beasts and demons. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

Horizon: Zero Dawn - Aloy  

If the recently released Frozen Wilds DLC has reignited your love for Horizon: Zero Dawn, you can express that admiration more tangibly by splashing out on one of the many Funko Pops inspired by Guerrilla Games’ critically acclaimed RPG. Seeing as she’s the main character, not to mention one of the best new franchise icons of recent memory, Aloy is the Funko to beat in this category, with her omni-use bow on full display and ready to go should any Funko dinos dare to wander anywhere near her. 

Buy it UK: £14.45 at Amazon
Buy it US: $12.86 at Amazon

Assassin’s Creed 2 - Ezio Auditore 

Sorry Altair, but Assassin’s Creed trilogy bearer Ezio simply has a cooler and more recognizable costume than yours, so I’m putting his Funko on this list instead of yours. And who wouldn’t want a mini member of the Creed living inside their home? Just look at those petite hidden blades! Make sure you put him up somewhere high, so it looks he parkoured his way up there. Ezio is a rare one, so prices are higher than normal.

Buy it UK: £25.94 at Amazon
Buy it US: $29.95 at Amazon

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