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Rare, exclusive, or just awesome - the best Funko Pops you need right now

Best TV Funko Pops 

Game of Thrones - Daenerys and Drogon 

Don’t get me wrong, the Mother of Dragons is pretty cool as her own separate Funko, but as a Funko riding a giant dragon Funko? It’s too amazing to pass up. Obviously, this set will put you back a little bit more, price wise, but it’s a decent purchase considering what you’re getting. From Drogon’s scales to Dany’s ever elaborate hairstyle, the whole thing is a real treat for the Game of Thrones fan.

Buy it UK: £29.39 at Amazon
Buy it US: $23.64 at Amazon

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Parks & Rec - Ron Swanson 

Most of the Funkos listed here are memorable for their cool costumes, striking poses, and unique accoutrements. Ron Swanson has a mug. Yet it’s a testament to the Parks & Rec character (and Nick Offerman’s pitch perfect performance) that, even with one hand holding a cup of coffee and the other nestled casually in his pocket, you know exactly who this Funko is portraying. Personally, though, I’m still waiting for that Duke Silver figurine…

Buy it UK: £10.47 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.99 at Amazon

Stranger Things - Eleven with Eggos 

Some of you were probably hoping that the Barb Funko would be here to represent the Stranger Things crew on this list, but the fact is that Eleven survived the Upside Down and she didn’t, so it’s no contest, sorry. What’s more, the Eleven Funko comes holding a mini box of Eggos in one hand and a single waffle in the other, which basically seals the deal. There’s also one available with the character’s E.T.-esque wig from Season 1, if buzzcut Eleven isn’t your thing. 

Buy it UK: £16.32 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.40 at Amazon

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor 

There have been 13 incarnations of Doctor Who so far, but not every one of them has had the honour of being Funko Popped quite yet. At the moment, it’s David Tennant’s Doctor, number 10, who sticks out as the best of the bunch right now, as his iconic costume (with mini converse no less) looks pretty spiffing in Funko form. He’s got his own Sonic Screwdriver, too, and there’s even a Funko TARDIS you can buy as an add-on, to make your tiny Time Lord feel right at home. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

Jessica Jones 

I don’t know how they did it, but Funko managed to perfectly capture the essence of Jessica Jones’ persona with this figurine. Put this Pop anywhere in your home, and I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to feel her sarcastic gaze staring you down with sheer patronising disdain at all times. The outfit is spot on too, right down to her grey baggy scarf and unzipped jacket. A brilliant little Funko to commemorate a brilliant little show. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box 


While we’re on the subject of Marvel Netflix shows, let’s turn our attention to The Defenders’ most notorious vigilante: the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Based on Murdoch’s outfit from season 2, the Daredevil Funko is a thing of beauty, with detailed textures, imposing red eyes, and trusty nunchucks brandished in each hand. Be careful of his horns, though; I’m pretty sure they’re a health and safety hazard. 

Buy it UK: £9.99 at Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $14.95 at Pop In A Box

Buffy (Prom dress)

The original Buffy Funkos are TOUGH to get hold of for a decent price. Most fetch between $50-100, and some even go for more. The new batch - released to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary - are more common and therefore more affordable. This one of Buffy in her prom dress (holding a crossbow) from season 1 is the pick of the new bunch. And it's one of the best Funkos out there, for my money.

Buy it UK: £13.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $9.95 at Amazon

The Flash 

With all that running and whizzing about, it might be nice to just let Barry Allen sit back and stay still for a little while, and this Funko has you covered. The outfit is inspired by the popular CW TV show of the same name, and it's a decent replication of the costume as worn by Grant Gustin on the small screen. Give us a running pose next time though, Funko, yeah?

Buy it UK: £7.75 at Amazon
Buy it US: $10.99 at Amazon

B.A. Baracus with A-Team Van 

Been wondering what your Dad might want for his birthday? He doesn’t know it yet, but he wants this. It’s Funko Mr. T, in the A-team van, popping his giant bobblehead out of the sunroof. I could leave a hastily thrown together pun here about something to do with “fools” and “pain” but, frankly, I don’t need to. It's getting rarer, so prices for this will steadily go up - great for collectors.

Buy it UK: £44.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $24.97 at Amazon

Friends - Rachel Green 

Some of you are probably asking why on earth a Funko Pop like this one is in existence, not to mention why it’s here on this list, but the fact is that Friends Funkos are highly sought after collector’s items, with Rachel Green being the rarest of them all. For the Friends fan, then, it’s a tempting offer. There’s the Central Park themed mug and apron, the retro denim jacket, and the Jennifer Aniston haircut that defined the 1990’s. Pricey, but worth it. Check her out in the best Friends episodes on Netflix.

Buy it UK: £49.99 at Amazon
Buy it US: $79.99 at Amazon

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