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Batman 3 wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt for The Riddler?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Batman 3 could be about to land Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler , if internet blither-blather is to be believed.

While usually we like to have our rumours with a healthy side of concrete evidence (in a perfect world...), we just had to report this bit of Chinese whisperage in the hope that our words will actually make this come true.

Hollywood Life have reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is “on the shortlist” to play The Riddler in the third (well, technically seventh) big screen adventure of the caped crusader.

Which smacks of “yeah, duh!” considering Gordon-Levitt has only just worked with series director Christopher Nolan on Inception . The fact that Gordon-Levitt was born to play this role also helps - it'd take a fool not to see it. And Nolan ain't no fool.

The sooner G-L gets cast and eradicates stupid rumours that Eddie Murphy is up for the role the happier we’ll be. But with David Goyer still working on his draft of the script, and a whole two years until the film makes it to screens, this is unlikely to get confirmed any time soon.

Still, we’ve done our bit. Now cast Gordon-Levitt already!

Batman 3 is set for release on 20 July 2012.

Source: [ Hollywood Life ]

Who’s with us on the G-L lovin’?