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Bill Paxton talks GTA drama. Jack Thomson & Sam Houser on 'collision course'

Whatever's happening with the legal action Rockstar's taking against the GTA docu-drama, Bill Paxton says he's finished filming and has talked around the plot and area of the game's history the story focuses on.

Speaking in a Wall Street Journal interview Paxton says he finished filming two weeks ago and went into quite a bit of detail of the events the drama's based around, describing his character, US attorney Jack Thompson, and that of Sam Houser, played by Daniel Radcliffe, as being "on this collision course". Here's what he had to say:

"I play Jack Thompson who’s a Miami-based attorney. Who in 2005 took Sony PlayStation and Rockstar games, the makers of Grand Theft Auto, into a big civil suit around a young man named Devin Moore, who in Alabama had been arrested [and] ended up in a police station grabbing at one of the policemen's guns. He killed three policemen. He’s on death row now.

The character I play, Jack Thompson, went to the families and said, 'maybe you can’t prove the videogame got him to a place that he committed this act, it’s a little hard to cause causation', but he felt that ‘look, I can’t bring your loved ones back but I think that the people that make the machines and the people that make these games are partly responsible’. And so, he talks them into going along on this civil suit which he files and it becomes kind of a… These two characters, Sam Houser, who started Rockstar games, who made Grand Theft Auto, still make it, who’s played by Daniel Radcliffe, end up on this collision course. It’s an interesting piece ‘cause it’s pretty well levered, you know you’ve got the freedom of expression and stuff and then you’ve got well, gosh, is there a line there? I thought it was really a good script."

Previously former GTA devs had voiced concerns about what the drama would be about when it appeared that Jacked: The Outlaw Story Of Grand Theft Auto, a dramatised version of the games development history, was potentially a source. What Paxton's said here makes it sound like we might be heading into courtroom drama territory.

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