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Awesome game animals... that you can use as weapons

What's better than a cute kitty you can cuddle up at night with, as you watch America's Got Talent on Ice? Why, a cute kitty who also acts as a handy silencer for that handgun you're concealing in your pants, of course. In this article we just done typed, you'll find some of gaming's coolest creatures that also act as killing tools. Just be a pal and don't report us to PETA, eh?

French sheep strike (Worms Armageddon)

The Worms series can seemingly turn any harmless object into a weapon of mass destruction. Vials full of holy water than also act as earth-shattering grenades. Humble bananas that could level a city with their destructive capability. An airstrike made up of glorified lamb chops. Yup, Armageddon's mutton murdering carpet bomb is truly the best thing ever to come out of France.

Seagull slaughter (Banjo Tooie)

Sure, spending a prolonged time with this berated breagull might seem about as appealing as having your eyeballs dipped in sulphuric acid while you're forced to recite Shakespeare naked in front of a crowd of felons. But Banjo's sidekick also has some winning qualities. Most notably, her ability to turn into an impromptu egg-firing machine gun at a moment's notice. We'll have ours sunny side up, darling.

Above: Rare - making Tony Montana 36% more badass since we made this Photoshop image an hour ago

Dogs of War (Call of Duty: World at War)

Before Modern Warfare 2 ruined things for everyone with its tactical nukes and helicopter strikes, WaW was rewarding enterprising online players with Alsatian assholes. Definitely not man's best friend, these pooches of death love nothing more than ripping out the opposition's jugulars when you unlock them with a killstreak. We don't know about you, but if it's a choice between getting irradiated by a big-ass explosion or having our unmentionables chewed on by a canine killer, we'd go for the former every time.

Above: Behind you, Gary Oldman!