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Avatar Now Number Two Film Of All Time

A mere 21 days after its release and James Cameron’s Avatar is the second biggest film in movie history. Financially speaking, anyway. That means that Cameron has directed the two biggest-grossing films ever.

By Wednesday it has made $1.14 billion dollars worldwide, overtaking the $1.1 billion barrier set by The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. The next target, though, is a considerable way off – Titanic took over $1.8 billion worldwide. You never know, though.

At the North America box, the film is still only ( only? the 12th biggest-grossing film ever. However, it did become the second-fastest film ever to reach $350 million at the US box office, achieving the feat in just 17 days (only Dark Knight can beat that, at 14 days). And the way its box office is holding up, it should easily make the top five (maybe the top three) in the US before it runs out of steam.