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Apex Legends patch notes: duos mode, a new firing range, and more

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The latest Apex Legends patch notes (3.1) are here, and they're bringing duos modes with them, so hit up your friend that's most competent with a VK-47 Flatline and join the fray. Duos is a temporary game mode that will be available from November 5 to November 19, replacing the Halloween-themed Fight or Fright mode that pitted Legends against fallen Legends called Shadows. 

A few weapons have been adjusted in the latest patch notes: the Wingman's headshot multiplier has been slightly nerfed and several weapons have received a change to projectile collision, making them easier to hit with. The weapons that now have an increased projectile width are the Mozambique, EVA-8 Auto shotgun, Peacekeeper, L-Star, Longbow DMR, Kraber, and G7 Scout. The patch notes also address some quality of life issues, added a firing range for some practice, and fixed some bugs. Check out our summary of the latest Apex Legends patch notes below.

Welcome to the Apex Legends firing range

What better way to train for a rousing duos session than in the new firing range? From the Apex Legends lobby you can select the firing range to play around with different Legends, weapons, and items. You'll be able to enter the range solo or with an entire squad and you can swap between Legends while you're in the range to get a better feel of their abilities and ultimate. The full range of loot items will be available, as well as some target DUMMIES to fire at. The firing range is a much-requested addition to Apex Legends that will help newcomers get a better feel for its gameplay while letting seasoned vets try out new methods and weapons. 

Apex Legends quality of life updates

The 3.1 patch notes have brought quite a few quality of life upgrades to Apex Legends, starting with the Daily Challenges. Now the trio of challenges will offer one easy, one medium, and one hard challenge for you to complete each day (which is a lot better than the other day when two of my challenges required me to finish in the top three). 

Check out the rest of the quality of life upgrades below:

  • Legend Tokens can now reroll Daily Challenges with the first reroll costing 200 Legend Tokens, the second costing 500, and the third or more costing 1000 Legend Tokens each. The cost will reset every day.
  • Game cursor velocity can now be adjusted in Settings-->Controller and will apply to the cursor in all menus. 
  • You will now see what Music Pack you've selected when dropping into the map, unless you have the "default" Pack selected.
  • Improved flow from Lobby to Match that fixes minor bugs and will hopefully get players into matchmaking faster.
  • Pregame spawning of players has been disabled
  • The "Waiting for players" matchmaking screen now shows the game world instead of a blank screen.
  • There is no longer a five second countdown before Legend selection.
  • You can now view the ammo types of your squadmates' equipped weapons when viewing your inventory.
  • Players in Ranked Mode will no longer receive a penalty for abandoning a match if they leave two and a half minutes after their Banner was picked up. 
  • For console players you'll be able to open up the quip wheel by holding down on the D-pad.
  • For PC players, Quick Chat will auto bind to F1.

Latest Apex Legends Bug fixes 

  • Fixed a bug where players would stay in place while the train keeps moving when reviving another player.
  • Updated the minimap that was previously showing a route that did not exist.
  • Fixed instances where players could drop into Out of Bounds areas without getting the "Return to Battle" timer.
  • Fixed instances where players could take lava damage near the Volcano despite not standing in lava.
  • Fixed a display issue with post-game where it would show you earning two battle pass levels for leveling up via Stars.
  • Crypto's EMP will now damage armor that players have dropped.
  • Lifeline's drone can now heal Crypto when he's in the drone (previous bug did not allow Crypto to be healed while he was piloting his drone).
  • Friendly Caustic gas will no longer kick Crypto out of his drone.
  • Bangalore's Ultimate missiles will no longer disappear if they land on the train.

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