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Amazon's Black Friday Week has 50% off over 150 game downloads, clearly not run by Rebecca Black fans, is apparently unaware that Friday is only one day out of seven: the site's turned the whole week into Black Friday yet again, and is offering a plethora of game downloads at 50% or more off. Completists willing to wait until January 2012 will also get a bonus coupon for use on any 2011 bestsellers – provided you give in to instant gratification with at least one of these downloads.

Above: Oh yeah! This is why there are PC gamers

There's a pretty wide selection on offer here: besides big names like The Witcher 2 and Driver San Francisco, discounts also bring indie hits like Shadowgrounds Survivor and the Penumbra series below the $10 mark. Older titles like Desperados and the UFO trilogy sit alongside sneaky not-quite-50%-off deals on Duke Nukem Forever and the original Darksiders. There's also over 300 casual-themed titles: if ever you felt your computer lacked a Mahjongg game, now's the time to get one for about the price of a coke.

All these deals come with a $5 voucher which doesn't become active until next January, at which time you'll be able to spend it on any bestsellers from this year. Then you can rub your discounted copies of Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim or Arkham City right in the faces of everyone who's been enjoying the games since release day. Suckers.