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Amazing Spider-Man 2 collectible audio log locations guide

The Kingpin of Crime! 

Wilson Fisk Journal 06: When you first enter the compound, go down the first ramp and then drop through the opening in the floor. Pull apart the scaffolding in the corner to take out the two thugs and this audio log will be there.

Wilson Fisk Journal 05: When you go down the first ramp, make your way to the right and go around the corner to the open window. Hop through to find this log on the ground just outside.

Wilson Fisk Journal 04: Make your way underneath the first building you enter by climbing up the cliff after you run through the pipe and you will find this on the ground there.

Wilson Fisk Journal 07: Look for this truck to the left of the large smokestack in the area with the moveable train car and the audio log will be sitting on its hood.

Wilson Fisk Journal 08: Once you reach the Kingpin’s safe house, during the battle with the large fellow, look for the audio log on the desk at the far end of the room below the monitors.

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