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50 Sexiest Sci-Fi Characters

Ripley Alien (1979)

The Sexy Character: Last survivor of the Nostromo. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is a no-nonsense Warrant Officer aboard the commercial towing spaceship, and somebody you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of.

Hottest Detail: Sure she’s ballsy and knows how to put up a fight, but she also looks rather good in really tiny knickers.

John Carter John Carter (2012)

The Sexy Character: A former army captain in the American Civil War, John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) finds himself dramatically plonked down on an alien-infested Mars after his dead body is dumped in a mysterious tomb.

Hottest Detail:
Though his pecs are something to write poetry about, we just can’t get enough of that luscious hair.

Swish it for us, Carter.

Quorra Tron Legacy (2010)

The Sexy Character: A virtual cog in the world of the Grid, Quorra (Olivia Wilde) attracts the attention of young Sam (Garrett Hedlund) when he comes searching for his father in the neon-lit computer-land.

Hottest Detail: She’s all sorts of stylish – it’s all about the light-suit – and knows how to handle herself in a tight spot.

Number Six I Am Number Four (2011)

The Sexy Character: One of nine alien children who were sent to Earth in order to escape invading Mogadorians, Number Six (Teresa Palmer) has grown up into a formidable fighter.

Hottest Detail: She doesn’t look back at explosions.

Princess Vespa Spaceballs (1987)

The Sexy Character: Kidnapped by President Skroob (Mel Brooks), Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) flees an arranged marriage and lands on a nearby planet with her Droid of Honour, Dot Matrix (Joan Rivers).

She soon has a flirty liaison with Captain Lone Starr (Bill Pullman).

Hottest Detail:
Her attitude stinks, so it’s lucky she’s easy on the eyes.

Rowena Things To Come (1936)

The Sexy Character: The wife of Raymond Massey’s Luddite councilman, Rowena (Margaretta Scott) doesn’t get many lines or even much of a character, but there’s no denying she looks fantastic.

Hottest Detail: Short skirts, an impressively sizeable collar and a slicked-back hairdo – Rowena definitely knows fashion.

Trinity The Matrix (1999)

The Sexy Character: Though she’s essentially a love interest for recently unplugged Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is badass in her own right – and not just because she owns a cool pair of shades.

Hottest Detail:
Time is no obstacle for Trinity – she can flip around in slow-motion like a spandex-clad cartoon. Mesmerising.

Captain Kirk Star Trek (2009)

The Sexy Character: Gobby, arrogant and frequently meat-headed. Which is exactly why the ladies (and probably a few of the lads) love him. Especially when he’s in uniform.

Hottest Detail: It’s all about the leather jacket and the motorbike. Oh yes.

Dejah Thoris John Carter (2012)

The Sexy Character: Another princess (and here we thought they belonged in fairytales), Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) is sun-bronzed royalty in the Martian city of Helium.

She’s almost as pretty as John Carter (Taylor Kitsch).


Hottest Detail:
If you’re a tattoo fan, Dejah’s the one for you – she provides a sun-kissed canvas for some ravishing body art.

Space Girl Lifeforce (1985)

The Sexy Character: Basically a space-alien version of a vampire, Space Girl (Mathilda May) is discovered with two Space Men and brought back to Earth, where she sucks humans dry of their lifeforce.

Hottest Detail: She doesn’t exactly wear very much, does she?