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50 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

The Lizard

The Villain: Dr Curt Connors devoted his entire life to creating a serum that would re-grow lost body parts - mostly because he lost his own arm in an explosion.

When he succeeds in creating a serum, though, using reptile DNA, it goes ballistic and turns him into The Lizard…

Movie Version: Played by Rhys Ifans in The Amazing Spider-Man , The Lizard is the result of Dr Curt Connors experiments gone wrong.

Though the villain was criticised by movie-goers, there's no denying he stayed pretty true to the comics.

Ana Kravinoff

The Villain: The daughter of Kraven the Hunter, Ana goes after Spider-Man, blaming him for her father's suicide (well, he did die pretending to be Spider-Man).

Though she doesn't have any lab-cooked powers to speak of, she does appear to have innate super-speed and strength, while her weakness is easily her arrogance.

Movie Version: Most of Spidey's best big-screen villains have been normal people transformed by genetic accidents.

It'd be interesting to see him go up against a regular human for once. Ellen Page would bring the requisite angst and snark.


The Villain: With the ability to manipulate sound via hand-blasts, plus to turn a person's inner fears against them, Shriek definitely lives up to her fearsome name.

Frances Louise Barrison was a groupie drug dealer who came across Cloak and Dagger and was driven mad by Cloak's 'dark dimension' before transforming into the villainess.

Movie Version : With her craven insanity and love for carnage, Shriek could end up being a female version of The Joker if she was portrayed on screen.

How about Fairuza Balk for the role?


The Villain: Sort of resembles a shark crossed with Bond villain Jaws, and favours a buzzcut with a suit - not exactly the normal villain attire.

An albino who's also referred to as Big Man, Tombstone first turned up in Web Of Spider-Man #36 in 1988 and is often hired by mobsters to dole out his singularly crippling brand of pain.

Movie Version:
He's yet to turn up in any of the Spidey movies, but we'd love do see him on-screen as a muscular mob enforcer. This is one for Gary Busey, surely.


The Villain: A Spidey clone created by Prof Miles Warren (aka The Jackal), Kaine's strength and power is even greater than Spider-Man's.

He also has a set of claws, while his touch can burn. Hot, hot, hot. However, he suffered from clone degeneration, which left him with horrific scarring.

Movie Version: We could definitely see this working in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - the whole franchise is predicated on Andrew Garfield's likeability, so to have him play two versions of himself would be awesome.


The Villain: Created by Jonah Jameson as a mutant whose sole purpose is to destroy Spider-Man, the Scorpion (aka Mac Gargan) makes short work of beating Spidey to a pulp (on the roof of The Daily Bugle , no less).

His weakness? His, er, limited intellect, which means Spidey's soon able to better him in battle.

Movie Version: In the comics, Scorpion was the original Venom, which would be a cool way of reintroducing that character to movie-goers who were less than impressed by Spider-Man 3


The Villain: New York electrician Maxwell Dillon is transformed into Electro when he is struck by a cable. He later becomes a member of the Sinister Six and, naturally, gets numerous upgrades over the years.

Movie Version : In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , Electro is played by Jamie Foxx. He's an Oscorp employee who falls into a vat of electric eels (don't you hate it when that happens?) and transforms into Electro.

His look is seriously altered from the comics - instead of the yellow and green super-suit, he's a Dr Manhattan-style blue oddity crackling with electricity. He also likes to rap…

Kraven The Hunter

The Villain: With his bare chest and leopard-printed attire, Kraven could easily be dismissed as a daft Tarzan-style bad guy.

The six-part 1987 storyline 'Kraven's Last Hunt', though, ensures that he'll always be remembered as one of the greats - not least because he bests Spider-Man, buries him six feet under and pinches his Spidey suit to wreak havoc in New York…

Movie Version: If The Rock wanted to play Kraven, this would totally work.


The Villain: Though he looks like a muscular robot with a bubble for a head (or The Power Rangers' Alpha 5), Mysterio is actually one of the coolest Spidey villains ever, and only partly because he's a member of the Sinister Six.

Teched-up to the nines, he's a flamboyant baddie with advanced knowledge of putting on a fancy SFX display and even has the ability (we think) to return from the dead.

Movie Version: Just as Orko was dumped from Masters Of The Universe , it's difficult to imagine putting Mysterio on screen without him seeming massively cheesy.

We imagine a serious redesign would be brought in to make him cinema-worthy.

Jack O'Lantern/Hobgoblin

The Villain: Though he's the son of Green Goblin in the movies, Hobgoblin's so much more than a mere rip-off with daddy issues. Hobgoblin's been responsible for some of the best plots against Spidey over the years.

Movie Version: We've had two movie versions of Hobgoblin, with both James Franco and Dane DeHaan having a go on their gliders.

Though Franco had more time to develop Harry, DeHaan made a massive impact in Amazing Spider-Man 2 - and he looks set to do great things with the character in further films.