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50 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

Mister Negative

The Villain: Not just a really pessimistic bloke, but a gang member who was experimented on by Maggia.

The result? Two beings end up confined to one body - that of good guy Martin Li and sadistic gangleader Mister Negative.

Movie Version: Mister Negative's main power is, er, uniting the Chinatown mob against Spider-Man. Which doesn't exactly sound like a hugely compelling movie plot…


The Villain: Russian Mafia thug Aleksei Sytsevich is best known for his raging temper, which makes him perfect for experimental radiation treatments that turn him into Rhino.

Equipped with durable armour (which includes a horned headpiece), his biggest asset is his temper, which ensures he sees through his mad plans no matter what.

Movie Version: Paul Giamatti plays Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , replete with bald head, barbwire tattoo and a massive, hulking super-suit that would make any superhero balk.

He also raves like a loon, because of course he does.


The Villain: In short, a demon. When Jason Philip Macendale Jr. took on the mantle of Hobgoblin, he offered his soul to the arch-demon N'astirh and transformed into Demogoblin after being fused with an unstable entity.

The result is basically Hobgoblin on acid - a totally manic, fanged baddie who can generate mystical weapons at will.

Movie Version: Both Raimi and Webb's Spidey films stress science over demonology, so it's unlikely demogoblin will be pitching up on-screen any time soon.

That said, how cool would DeHaan be as demogoblin?

Masked Marauder

The Villain: A gang member who invents his own eye-catching armour, the Masked Marauder is able to absorb kinetic energy and expel it in weaponised form.

He's notable for his fetching goggles, which give him enhanced vision. Also, he hates Spider-Man, heading up a gang of crims to fight the web-slinger.

Movie Version: If there was ever a Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover, you can bet the Masked Marauder would show up - in the comics, he sets the superheroes up for an epic clash.

Big Wheel

The Villain: In case you couldn't guess from the name, this guy really does get around town in a big, giant wheel.

Fortuitously named Jackson Weele, the Villains Anonymous member causes havoc in a 15 ft vehicle that comes with its own cockpit. His armoury includes hydraulic arms, rocket launchers and machine guns.

Movie Version: A kind of Transformers-style baddie who would prove particularly tricky for Spider-Man. That said, can Big Wheel go up stairs?


The Villain: He looks sort of like a Power Ranger crossed with a member of the Fantastic Four, but don't let that fool you, this guy's definitely a baddie.

Affiliated with the Sinister Twelve, he has seven special types of boomerang with unique abilities (Gasarangs are filled with tear gas, Shatterangs are basically bombs) and works as a freelance assassin.

Movie Version: Patrick Wilson has the physique to pull off playing Boomerang, and those are some seriously cool weapons that would look awesome on-screen.


The Villain: No, your eyes don't deceive you, this really is a terrifying, twisted version of Spider-Man, equipped with four extra arms to turn him into an arachnid proper.

Created by the clone-loving Jackal, he's a Spidey clone with all of Spider-Man's strengths and none of that pesky conscience to impede his evil-doing.

Movie Version: The anti-Spider-Man? How awesome would that be? He'd also be a fantastic alternative to Venom for Amazing Spider-Man 3 , who'll probably be tied up in the Sinister Six movie.


The Villain : Though he's divided comic opinion since his debut, Morlun's the only Spidey villain who can attest to having ripped out one of Spider-Man's eyes and eaten it…

A mythical menace, Morlun uses the Spider Totum to stay alive, and targets Spider-Man to suck the lifeforce from him.

Movie Version: He's probably too much of a weirdo to make it into the movies, and the fact that he's best known in the comics for mutilating Peter means it's unlikely that'll ever happen on-screen.

J Jonah Jameson

The Villain: The editor of The Daily Bugle makes real-life newspaper editors look positively squeaky-clean by comparison.

Over the years, Jameson's been responsible for funding more Spidey enemies than we can count, though he's never gone fist-to-fist with the webcrawler himself. His most evil moment? Turning New York against Spidey and forcing him to quit.

Movie Version: Brilliantly played by JK Simmons in Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Jameson's a chain-smoking egotist with a voice like a bugle.


The Villain: Janice Olivia Yanizech first appeared in Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 and harbours a serious grudge against Spider-Man (and Thunderbolts, but that's another issue).

She's something of an enigma. What we do know: she's from a rich dynasty and lives for excitement. Also, she has two batons that she uses to zap people with.

Movie Version: In the comics, Joystick had fun setting up the Great Game, in which she started all-out ware between different superheroes. A prelude to Sinister Six, perhaps?