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50 Greatest Spider-Man Villains


The Villain: Gaunt by name, gaunt by nature. This robo expert (originally called the Robot Master) is pretty hideous, not least because of his scaly complexion and bizarre mechanical apparatus.

That apparatus is actually a life support machine, which keeps him from toppling over, and means he can continue to make Spidey's life a misery.

Movie Version: Mendel Stromm would fit into the Amazing Spider-Man movies perfectly, thanks to his history with Norma Osborn.

If he's not tired of comic book movies, we'd love to see what James McAvoy would do with the character - we imagine Gaunt going on a vengeful rampage against Spider-Man…


The Villain: Not Spot the Dog, but a super-villain who sort of looks like a cross between a man and a Dalmatian.

Luckily, his somewhat laughable appearance is forgotten when you consider his powers, which include the ability to use black spots or 'space warps' to travel between two locations.

Movie Version: Spot might be a bit of a stretch for the big screen - not only does he look pretty, er, interesting, his powers are pretty out there…

Black Tarantula

The Villain: A supernatural foe, the Black Tarantula is an ancient pseudo-immortal who's been around for 700 years.

The identity is passed along to the first male of the LaMeurto bloodline, and Carlos LaMeurto is the latest to inherit the title. His powers include creating electricity from his hands and the ability to bring dead things back to life.

Movie Version: We imagine cinema-goers might get confused between Black Tarantula and Venom if a movie version of BT was created so soon after Spider-Man 3 , so he may have to rest in the comics a while longer.


The Villain: A mysterious assassin who carries out the orders of Red Skull, Crossbones has also been known to bother Spider-Man on occasion.

He goes up against Spidey and Captain America when he's sprung from The Raft correctional facility - and Spider-Man even manages to knock him out.

Movie Version: Considering he's a pretty minor Spidey villain better associated with Captain America, it's unlikely Crossbones will be making an appearance in any Spider-Man films as more than a supporting character.


The Villain: As the name implies, this guy's a serial tinkerer - an old chap called Phineas Mason who is a genius of engineering.

That's basically his superpower, enabling him to engineer complicated gadgets using old parts and sell them on to gang members.

Movie Version: Tinkerer's more of a supporting player than a Big Bad, but we can definitely see him turning up (played by John Hurt, naturally) to help out a movie villain.


The Villain: You want bling, YOU GOT IT. Basically a shiny version of Spider-Man (though minus Spidey's powers), Matthew Gilden's so obsessed with gold that he turned himself into a thief with a techno suit.

He uses gold dust to entrap his enemies and even has, yes, a Golden Gun.

Movie Version:
Goldbug seems more suited to a Spidey spoof than a Spider-Man movie proper. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would bring the requisite physique and humour to the role.

Black Cat

The Villain: An anti-heroine who switches sides depending on who tickles her fancy at any particular time, Black Cat began her spandex-wearing exploits after her cat-burglar father trained her in the way of thievery.

Movie Version: Felicity Jones plays Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in a clear set-up for her appearance as Black Cat down the line.

Question is, can they come up with a new feline costume that doesn't repeat the likes of Catwoman in her various incarnations?


The Villain: An employee of Mister Negative, Overdrive's identity and origins remain a mystery.

What we do know is that he's able to significantly bling up any vehicle merely by touching it (take that, Pimp My Ride) and he uses a sonic pulse generator as a weapon.

Movie Version: Overdrive's more of a right-hand man than an A-grade villain, so he'd only appear if he was alongside Mister Negative.

Mister Fear

The Villain: Alan Fagan first showed up in Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #92. As the name suggests, he's all about the things that terrify us, using fear gas to manipulate his enemies.

On the flipside, he also uses pheromones to make himself more attractive to the ladies. Well, when he looks like that, you can't really blame him, can you?

Movie Version: We've already seen a fantastic fear-mongering bad guy in the form of Chris Nolan's Scarecrow, so it's not likely that Mister Fear will show up in cinemas any time soon.


The Villain: A grim-looking telepath who has the powers of levitation and teleportation, Carrion began as Professor Miles Warren, who created a virus that transformed New Men into zombies.

He's essentially an undead version of Jackal, with all the same megalomaniac ambitions and a drive to destroy Spider-Man for letting Gwen Stacy die.

Movie Version: Zombies are all the rage at the moment, so why not cast Andrew Lincoln as Carrion to exorcise his undead demons?