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50 Disney references in Epic Mickey

Look closely inside Mickey’s house and you’ll see Pluto’s bowl

Inside Mickey’s house you’ll find a talking phone, also from “Thru the Mirror”

This probably has a basis in some cartoon, but it’s was also the one parked outside Mickey’s crib in Disney World

Donald’s boat, blackened and sunk in Ostown bay

From 1934’s “Mickey’s SteamRoller.” This cartoon was the first time Mickey’s nephews Morty and Ferdie appeared onscreen

Mickey Junk Mountain is based on the Matterhorn attraction at Disneyland, but instead of stucco and fake snow, it’s made of something far cooler…

The mountain is made of decaying Mickey merch of yesteryear, as you can see by this Fantasia re-release poster

Avoid toxic water hazards with Mickey Mouse Club pins

A vintage lunchbox dating back to 1954 provides as exit

Quite possibly my favorite nod in the whole game, there are copies of the horrible NES classic, Mickey Mouscapade in licensed Nintendo cartridges littering the ground

Same goes for Mickey’s Magical Quest, although in both cases Capcom’s logo is removed

From the 1936 short “Alpine Climbers”

When you see this poster from The Mickey Mouse Birthday Show, walk right through it…

And you’ll come into a room with more Mickey memorabilia than I care to mention

And this is just the first couple levels. Anybody wanna see more?

Dec 9, 2010

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