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The 50 best sex comedies

30. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

The Comedy: Steve Carell gets dumped by his wife Julianne Moore. Happily, Ryan Goslings on hand to show him how to be a player.

The Sex: Carell gets, uh, seduced by Marisa Tomei. Meanwhile, Emma Stone and Gosling have a meaningful evening of chit-chat basking in the glory of Goslings abs.

Which is Best? The sharp comedy. Though Goslings abs are definitely praise-worthy.

29. Hardbodies (1984)

The Comedy: It teaches us phrases like hardbodies, BBD and Wuss. Which were eternally grateful for.

The Sex: There are so many bendy, swimsuit-wearing women here, its a shock were not watching Playboy: The Movie.

Which is Best? The latter. The comedys over-easy at best.

28. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

The Comedy: Russell (Leigh McCloskey) has to graduate if he wants to come into a lot of money via his trust fund... except he ends up studying at Busterburger University, a place where there are just too many temptations.

The Sex: Uh, theres a female-male rape attempt, which counts for originality.

Which is Best? The comedy. Because female-male rape is no laughing matter.

27. School Spirit (1985)

The Comedy: Billy Batson (Tom Nolan) dies in a horrific car crash, and comes back as a ghost with lustful intentions.

The Sex: Steamy showers and ghostly encounters between the sheets

Which is Best? Neither are the best weve ever seen, but School Spirit does possess a little winsome charm.

26. Road Trip (2000)

The Comedy: Josh Parker (Breckin Meyer) cheats on his girlfriend, and then his video recording of the event is accidentally sent to his girlfriend. Cue a road trip to get the offending tape back.

The Sex: A sex tape, more precisely. Though theres plenty of other naughtiness on display, including Kyle (DJ Qualls) sharing a mattress with a big mama.

Which is Best? Both are pretty awesome, to be honest.

25. Van Wilder (2002)

The Comedy: Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular Wilder, whos having so much fun at college that hes totally forgotten to graduate.

The Sex: Does Reynolds getting naked for art class count? OK, well settle for Tajs (Kal Penn) attempts to get laid, including an unfortunate incident with baby oil.

Which is Best? The fun plot line. Who wants to graduate anyway?

24. Screwballs (1983)

The Comedy: A bunch of high school dudes meet up in detention, where they plot to steal the innocence of a delicate young rose. Her name, naturally, is Purity.

The Sex: Suggestive gym class exercises, hula-hooping, teddy-bear humping, topless sunbathing

Which is Best? The comedys more (a)rousing than the sexiness.

23. Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

The Comedy: A group of friends are sent back to the 80s after a hot tub malfunctions and turns into a time machine. Cue nostalgia-laced gags galore.

The Sex: Forced blowjobs and a not-that-surprising revelation of just who Jacobs dad is.

Which is Best? The former, with the fun 80s humour eclipsing the OTT sex gags.

22. Jocks (1986)

The Comedy: A mens college tennis team fight for survival when a football coach hatches a plan to use their budget for his own devious agenda.

The Sex: If you believe the poster, theres at least one super-greasy locker room shagfest.

Which is Best? Its genuinely hilarious in places, despite that dreadful title.

21. American Pie 2 (2001)

The Comedy: Jim (Jason Biggs) and co are now at college, but theyre still up for partying when they reunite for the summer after their first year of studying.

The Sex: Lesbian smooches, Jim getting an impromptu visit from the parents, Nadia again, and Michelle still doing naughty things

Which is Best? Both go hand in hand.