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The 50 best sex comedies

40. Sex Is Zero (2002)

The Comedy: Think a Korean American Pie, as a group of college kids attempt to get laid while having the time of their lives.

The Sex: Theres raunch, but it all goes to pot in Zeros final act, which lays on the drama and forgets to flash the boobs.

Which is Best? The comedy, while its around.

39. Losin It (1983)

The Comedy: Young Tom Cruise spies a Tijuana road trip as the perfect opportunity to get rid of his virginity.

The Sex: Shelly Long in her bra, and all manner of seedy encounters.

Which is Best? Theres not enough of the latter, so itll have to be the former.

38. Where the Boys Are '84 (1984)

The Comedy: Four nubile young ladies set out on a search for seven minutes of heaven. If not more.

The Sex: Lots of topless action here, as the four lovely ladies flash their goods as often as possible.

Which is Best? The latter, clearly.

37. 100 Girls (2000)

The Comedy: Matthew (Jonathan Tucker) meets the girl of his dreams in a lift, and then spends the rest of the college year trying to find her again. Meanwhile, his roomie uses a dangling instrument to increase length and girth. Right on.

The Sex: So many girls in bras and bikinis (and out of bras and bikinis) that we lost count. Plus a steamy elevator shag and Katherine Heigl kissing a girl.

Which is Best? Katherine Heigl kissing a girl. Obviously.

36. Ski School (1990)

The Comedy: It came late after the glut of 80s sex comedies, but when things are as exquisitely silly as this - a romp set in a ski resort - we don't mind.

The Sex: Some ice-meltingly hot babes ensure things are anything but chilly by variously stripping to their smalls and/or wearing nothing but a jacket.

Which is Best? The latter. The comedys pretty gurny, to be honest.

35. Cant Hardly Wait (1998)

The Comedy: A graduation gathering includes attendees like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Seth Green, who each have their own issues as the school year comes to a close.

The Sex: Its more about the talking than the walking here - these guys are going to have to wait, even if they dont want to.

Which is Best? The funny, with most of the giggles coming via a stoned Green.

34. Revenge Of The Nerds 2: Nerds In Paradise (1987)

The Comedy: No, the paradise part of the title doesnt refer to an Apple store, but a swish hotel (uh, or not), where the usual sexy hijinks ensue.

The Sex: The nerds stay at the HOTel cORAL esSEX. Awesome.

Which is Best? The nerds abroad plotline is fishy, so the sex will have to do.

33. Zapped! (1982)

The Comedy: This weeks Chronicle may feature real teens using their superpowers for self-serving purposes, but Zapped! beat them by decades, with Scott Baio discovering he has telekinetic powers.

The Sex: What does Baio use his gifts for? Lifting skirts and unstrapping bras, of course.

Which is Best? The former. It's a great comic premise.

32. The Girl Next Door (2004)

The Comedy: Matthew (Emile Hirsch) has his dreams come true when a former adult star moves into the house next door.

The Sex: Cue lots of scenes of Elisha Cuthbert in just her undergarments, while a slack-jawed Matthew looks on. Later, his buddies hook up with other adult stars and film themselves. Naughty.

Which is Best? The comedy, particularly when it involves an underappreciated Timothy Olyphant.

31. Hot Dog: The Movie (1984)

The Comedy: Harkin Banks (Patrick Houser) swooshes his way from girl to girl as a rather gifted skier. The film is proud to go downhill, fast, according to trailer voice-over bloke.

The Sex: Shannon Tweed (of Playboy fame) gets them out for the boys, theres saucy hot tub action, and Harkin gets his snow plough out for a different girl every night.

Which is Best? The cockle-warming babes, of course.