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28-year-old Asteroids record finally bested

John McAllister started a game of Asteroidson Saturday. He finished playing yesterday with a score of 41,338,740, just eclipsing Scott Safran's 1982 record of 41,336,440.McAllister just beat thelongest-standing record in videogame history.

McAllister was only able to take breaks when he'd racked up enough extra lives to safely walk away from the machine for a few minutes. There were close calls - a bathroom break last nightleft him only two remaining ships, nearly costing him the record. He persevered, and with remarkable determination, hedefeated sleep, carpal tunnel syndrome, and common sense.

McAllister's record won't be official until it is verified byTwinGalaxies(go watch King of Kong for an idea of what that's like), but his achievement wasstreamed over, and the machine seems legit.

McAllister holds several other records on TwinGalaxies, but none as impressive as this. Congratulations John!

Apr 6, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer