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10 of the best spaces in PlayStation Home

PixelJunk exhibition

This is a relatively small space, but a pretty one. It lets you look at super-sized versions of objects and characters from the PixelJunk series of games, including the ships from Shooter, the fella pictured here from Monsters, and the cars from Racers. And, typically, there’s a ton of themed merchandise to spend money on.

Above: Our avatar shakes his fist at a nonplussed Stone Giant

Ratchet %26amp; Clank time travelers

This lively space features a shooting range minigame that comes in three forms: past, present and future. You activate a time machine to switch between them, and the environment around you alters when you do. Your reward for clearing the firing range is a model of Ratchet’s famous ship, Aphelion, for your Home apartment.

Above: This area is reminiscent of A Crack in Time’s Great Clock

Resident Evil studio

Now this is clever. It’s the opening level from Resident Evil 5, but designed as if it’s a movie lot. There are green screens, a director’s chair and other neat touches, with posters explaining how each scene was ‘shot’. You can buy Chris and Sheva’s costumes for your avatar here too. Hey, someone’s gotta pay for all this.

The playground

This detailed city block plays host to a basketball court where you can play games of Horse with other Home users. There’s also a rooftop party area that plays a variety of cheesy ‘80s themed music and gives gorgeous views of the city below. It’s a rare space for Home in that it’s dark and scummy; not a sterile IKEA-furnished nightmare. More of this kind of thing please, Sony. No rewards, though? Poor show.

Above: This official Sony space seems to be based on the streets of New York City

The MuiMui ship

This might be our favorite space in Home. Tiny LocoRocos roll around on the ground squeaking, MuiMuis wave at you when you walk past and everything’s incredibly sunny and colorful. You can play a game of LocoReverse (yes – that’s their invention) and scour the horizon using binoculars. There’s also a race you can bet on that takes place every hour around the ship where you can win prizes for your avatar and apartment. The top prize is an enormous, fat LocoRoco you can wear on your head, but it’s very difficult to earn enough points to buy it.

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