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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Secrets of London guide

City of London

There are four music boxes to find in the City of London.

Secret #11 - City of London

This secret is to the north of Cannon St. Station, in Ludgate Circus.

When you arrive at Ludgate Circus, scale the building with the Dolman %26 Co. sign emblazoned across it.

Climb to the top of the Cockham Merchants sign above, and you'll spy the railway tracks.

Drop down to the ledge below with a view of Cannon St. Station to find the music box.

Secret #17 - City of London

The secret is to the west of the Holburn Viaduct.

Starting from the Holburn Viaduct, head west along the road.

When you reach the statue at the intersection, head left.

Make your way down the street to the building on the right corner, next to the one with a green striped awning.

Climb up to the roof.

The music box is up here.

Secret #02 - City of London

You can find the next one just past the end of the bridge leading into the area from The Thames.

Standing on the easternmost bridge over the Thames, head into the City of London.

Follow the street until you reach the crossroads.

The music box is on a stool in front of the tea shop on the right.

Secret #23 - City of London

The last secret in this borough is to the east of Kenway Mansion, near the border to Whitechapel.

There's a small park in front of the mansion.

Head over to the gazebo in the park.

The music box is on a bench next to the gazebo.

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