And the real box office loser of last year is?

There are plenty of movies that didn’t exactly set the box office alight across the pond in 2006. And while we could make this one big Poseidon joke, there is some relief for Wolfgang Petersen and his sinking ship… It wasn’t the worst performer of the year, not by a long shot.

Nope, the “winner” of that title is the blink-and-everyone-obviously-missed-it release of vigilante thriller with the odd title of Zyzzyxx Road. And no, we didn’t just fall asleep at the computer and randomly press down on some keys.

Zyzzyxx Road stars Tom Sizemore, Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl and Leo Grillo, and managed to rack up the lowest take since modern box office records began in 1980: $30. Which means two people went to see the thing at a single cinema in Dallas, one went back (no one is sure why) and then crawled to the video shop. Note to Tom Sizemore: we know you’ve had some personal problems, but you really need to re-evaluate your career choices if you don’t want to stay in films like this…