Alyx vs Lara

Nov 1, 2007

According toRule 34, if it exists, there isporn of it. There are some exceptions of course. For example, we're glad there aren't any nude Little Sister mods for BioShock. However, for some characters, it's only a matter of time until nakedness strikes in the form of a nude mod or patch. But really, how much time are we talking about? If you've never wondered if Alyx Vance kept her clothes on longer than Lara Croft, it's probably for the best. Otherwise, see the video, download the data, and find out who got slapped in the face by a decent nude skin first.

Half-Life 2
Alyx Vance Nude Mod
Download it now.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Lara Croft Nude Mod

Download it now.

Below: Lara shows off some shooting skills with her two big guns.