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Airbrush artist switches from naked ladies to Dreamcasts

Dreamcast is a great-looking machine. No arguments. But is it a better canvas than a naked lady? German artist Torsten Rachu has gone to work on both, so it's up to you to decide. Here are the Dreamcasts in question:

Above: Code Veronica, Shenmue, Ferrari 355 Challenge and Virtua Tennis - great choices and superb artwork

My personal favourite? This Jet Set Radio one, complete with a sweet picture of Gum - a character we need to see again in something more than a tennis/racing game.

Above: Brilliant. The artist has even blurred the background image behind the sharp foreground and text

And here is a lady, who looks just a little annoyed:

The man is clearly talented and his work doesn't stop at Dreamcasts/women. He also does mobile phones, PCs and loads ofdifferent consoles. You can see them allonhis website, which is probably NSFW.

I would have a go at painting my DC, but... well, it's just so pretty anyway.

23 Sep, 2010


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