Adventures of Cookie & Cream Cheats

Adventures of Cookie & Cream Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ryan king

    How to Defeat the Bosses

    How to beat Golem
    After the cinema appears Cookie and Cream will be on different levels.Cream must lure Golem in front of the logs. Them Cookie must step on the buttons above the log. Repeat this three times to beat Golem.

    How to Beat Cimborine
    After the cinema, Cookie and cream will be on different platforms next to the pipes supporting Cimborine. Rapidly smash at the pipes his feet are on. Repeat the several times to beat Cimborine.

    How to beat Jean Paul
    Cookie will appear with a hammmer in his hands. Cookie needs to smash out pieces of the totem. Do this several times and the boss is beat.

    How to beat Torpedo
    Cookie has got to drive the boat around so that Cream can pick up pots. When swordfish comes out of the water Cream will have to throw the pots onto Swordfish's head. Do this several times to beat Swordfish.

    How to beat Polar Teddy
    Cream will start out in a ring of stone. Polar Teddy will throw rocks at either Cookie or Cream. The person who has a ring around them has to bounce the rocks back at polar Teddy. Kill the penguins by running into them while you have a ring on. To get a ring on You must step on the button on your side of the lake.

    How to beat Trick Robot 99
    Drive the car to catch enemies. Cream can suck up enemies and spit them out. Shoot enemies at the Robot to hurt him. Do this several times to beat him.